Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Beliefs

Finally posting because I have something meaningful to share. Also, I finally got a phone where I can blog wherever.
Anyway, I have a photo blog where I had almost 300 followers. Its pictures are of things I have talked about here in the past.
Also, here on this Blogspot blog, I believe I have told you about my beliefs as a vegetarain and how I had originally set out to live primarily as a vegetarian and also eat the meat I myself would have killed.
Now, today, on this blog, I posted a picture of my hunting gloves.
With that picture, I used the hashtag #veganhunter.
One of my followers commented and we had a conversation like this:
He: "What is a vegan hunter?"
Me: "Someone who set out to be vegan and hunt for their own food. I wanted to do this because I feel hunting is the most humane way if you do this yourself. Only, this idea never happened."
Then someone else came.
She: "What do you mean?"
Me: "I mean I was going to go hunting and eat my own meat and live mainly as a vegetarian but the hunting never happened."
She: "Thanks for explaining :)"
He: "Thanks for listening and explaining. I now must unfollow you because it does not go with vegan ideas or with my heart for you killing animals. Thanks for promoting vegetarianism and humane slaughter. For it is the best hunters/humane killers can do."

So, after seeing my number of followers go down by one, it made me unsettled. Unsettled because I do live a vegan lifestyle to the best of my ability, and no vegan is perfect. As for my beliefs, they might be frowned upon and may veer away slightly from "true vegan" beliefs, but my goal is the same: Stop the animal torture and pain.
For me, even though I've never hunted, killkng an animal would put you in a position where you must humble yourself and respect the animal that will help you survive. Also, it brings you back to the roots of mankind.
Anyway, I was also sad he unfollowed me just because I'm open and accepting of hunting.
My photo blog only posts my vegan meals and life. Why can't we live with the knowledge that I believe something different?
Our goals our the same. Just how we get their might be different.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I've Been Waiting, and I Am About to Be Rewarded

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

I am about to fall into tears.  I have been wanting to write a post today, but now I just need to write out of pure joy and happiness!  It's one of those happiness' that needs to be shared with the world!

I felt so alone sometimes in these past months, out of pure depression.  My whole family has felt it, but now it  will all be over.

I can't tell you in words how freeing this is.  

Also, out of one of the many celebrations, I wanted to watch Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron and make some type of pumpkin-fall-ish dessert!
I hope to do these things soon :)

Furthermore, another happy, happy announcement, is that my riding has dramatically changed in the past two /three weeks!  Why??  It went from me falling forward and having horrible balance (I have no idea how I got into those bad habits), to having an awesome trot, leg, posture, and confidence!  
My confidence has become so amazing these past few weeks - starting with school.  Then transferring into the idea that I could be having a horse very soon and the fact I want to be a vet for them and other animals. 
I want a life with them. 
I learned how to use the dressage whip, too.  
Whenever I had gotten it before, I didn't know how to use it and it always got stuck in my stirrup.  
Now, even though I still have trouble trying to keep a trot and getting it to my other hand when changing direction, I was having a blast using it at my last lesson!
I wasn't hurting Phantom, but he was a little lazy and I never hit him hard!  That is the one thing I can't do to any horse or creature.  Nuh uh. 
I also asked my instructor when I can canter, and she said she had the utmost, complete faith that I could do it, but now it was just waiting for my confidence.  
I wonder if we will tomorrow :)

Another happy thing also, is that I had Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups today which I shared with my dad.
We both agree they are better than Reese's.  It's like, Screw REESE's!  
I also got another cookbook, Vegan Food Gifts.  It looks amazing.  I am now waiting for Very Vegan Christmas Cookies. 
Ah, if I haven't made it clear already, I love life.  Especially right now.  
I can't tell you how dramatic the changes in my emotional levels have changed within the past two weeks.  
It's been one amazing roller coaster. 
So, I hope I get that phone soon so you can see my life :) 
Have a good rest of the weekend guys :)
P.S. if you follow my blog, make it public so I can feel like I am not just writing to a page :( Thanks :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Everyday Happy Herbivore Adaptation

Since I don't want to keep stuffing granola bars into my backpack for lunch, I decided I am going to make my own... Smart, huh? Ha!
I decided to do the Everyday Happy Herbivore granola bars.  Only, I didn't have chocolate chips or apple sauce, so I used three bananas and cacao nibs and coconut shreds with orange zest. The raw stuff tastes so good!  They are baking right now!
So that was my update for the day!
What do you like to put in your granola bars?

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Currently, I am trying to persuade my parents to let me sign up with either/both the PETA2 Movement (the Street Team) and the American Humane Association.
My dad is more compliant than my mom but really thinks PETA is ridiculous.  I agree, for the most part, but a lot of what they do is good.  And he is the one who brought up the alternative with the American Humane Association.
I am even looking in the ASPCA.
Anyway, what really is biting at me is this story about the University of Wisconsin-Madison animal testing.
It killed this cat during their experiment...I didn't watch it, I just read the headlines. I couldn't get past it.
I have had cats all my life, and now it's hitting home that I don't want that to happen to animal or human!
My mom has this aversion to me joining the PETA2 for religious reasons.  I love my religion and I believe in it wholeheartedly, but I have my reasons for this.
God gave us animals to eat and use for ethical/living reasons (clothing).  PETA2 states animals don't belong to us.
Many vegans/vegetarians say this.
Today, one of these blogs I follow, was talking how no long-time vegan should live by diet alone.  The definition of vegan is to live without animal products and live by the diet also.  She said that since she is a "veteran" of being a vegan/vegetarian for 10 years, she has no excuse to be living with animal tested products, clothing, ect. in her life.
That isn't fair to say, but off topic.
Point is, I know God gave us animals to eat and use, but our world is getting worse, and pain towards living beings is becoming worse.
We are becoming numb to the little creatures whose voices we don't understand or hear.
And this testing, it kills me now...I am so offended that animal testing is allowed on a college campus!
It's just sad.
Animal testing is wrong.  Stop using chemicals that are harmful.  Then you wouldn't need to test things with such high death possibilities.
Let's not get started on factory farming either.
Overall, my reasons are simple: What I want to do, what I want people to know is, that we are doing stupid, stupid things.  Things that harm everyone.  People can't just turn a blind eye.  I know we all do it everyday, even to other human-beings, but we can't do that in our day and age.  It just makes our world worse.
There are these articles of vegan clothing out there that say things like "No one was harmed in the making of my food/clothing," but I laugh because many meat eaters are going to make fun, saying, "The plants were harmed.  They are living things!  Trees give you air!  Don't cut them down!" and things along those lines.
It isn't safe to wear those shirts, they just jeopardize what we are trying to say.  We make ourselves targets of the perfect, and true jokes.
I don't wish to be that vegan that wears shirt to stuff in your face.  I don't want to come off as an ass.
But there are some shirts I'd want to wear.  "Free for All" or "Eat Like You Give a Damn."  Things that aren't so harsh.
At least these shirts might spark up a nicer conversation.  Maybe the conversation would last longer before a fight.
Anyway, these are just some thoughts that have been going through my head all morning...The highlights of my day: One step closer to become an animal activist and maybe my house will sell today :) Oh! And I made a huge salad at Whole Foods!  I stuffed the box with anything and everything!  You wouldn't even think it would go together :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happiness Is...

I can't tell you guys how good everything has been lately!  The only downsides are: Not learning German in school and still living in the same place...
Anyway, there are so many highlights that it's just overwhelming!  Well, not to me, but to probably anyone who reads this.
For example, I'm in a completely new school and I love it!
My biology teacher is so cool.  She loves animals and she is a Boston native so I have plenty to talk about with her (even Chutters in Littleton, NH).
Furthermore, my goal is to finally learn how to canter and learn the basics of horse care while I am still at my current barn because I don't want to look like an idiot in a new place who doesn't know anything or is an amateur (I know I am, but still...).
Anyway, school's great.  So close to college! The feeling that it is just around the corner is exhilarating.
While I am at my current school, I might try to get into the University Program for the Medical and Science.  I know my plans for the future might change, but I truly hope they don't.  I am in love with the ideas I've had.  I am working so hard to reach them.  I want it right now so badly!
My idea: Major in Bio, minor in Pre-Vet and German or Literature.  (Lit. if I can do German outside of school).
TUFTS is the goal! Then Leipzig :) Yes, Germany...
I have even been looking into Study Abroad programs that I can do now, and I might want to do that maybe over a summer.
As you can see, school's exciting.
Moving on.
I do try not to talk about religion too much on this blog because I know it might turn some people away, but I must say, I have been blessed in so many ways!  And the opportunities that I am finding are abundant!
There are a few animal sanctuaries an hour or so away from my home, and I want to go to them.
There's a wolf preserve, wildlife sanctuary, and a few others.
Over the past few weeks, I just keep falling more and more in love with what I am becoming.
I love the idea of helping animals.  I feel like that is what I've been becoming my whole life.  Literally.
There are some petitions I'd like to sign with PETA, like the "No Harm To Animals In This Movie" or whatever, but I wish I didn't need to sign my name.  The government already knows my name anyway.
Also, I've been cooking a lot with steamed frozen veggies and I can create pretty good stuff if I do say so myself. (Recipes below)
Also, I honestly want to blog more.  I know I keep saying that, it's just that I am frustrated I can't share everything I eat and do with you!  But hopefully, I can do that soon.  Truly, I want to.
I am also trying to make this blog sound more my age, because I have been very disappointed with how I have written on this blog since the beginning because that is just not how I write.  It's embarrassing.

Stir-Fry 1
Needed :
Mixed (or not) Frozen Veggies (Peas, Carrots, Corn, Broccoli, Cauliflower, ect.)
Sesame and/or Peanut Oil or Chile Oil
Sriracha Sauce
Soy Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Garlic sauteed in Olive oil or whatever oil that is listed above (optional)
Sauteed Spinach (optional)
Rice Cooked with Veggie broth

Cook rice with veggie broth and sesame or peanut oil.
Meanwhile, steam frozen veggies.
Then, in a big bowl, put the salt, pepper, soy sauce, sriracha, sesame or peanut oil, and garlic.  After everything is done, put it all together and then make some more sauce.
Love this hot or cold.

Notes: If you put the sesame oil in with the rice with the veggie broth, put in the peanut oil in the mixture later (when you are putting it all together).  It adds a really nice nuttiness and I just love it!

Stir-Fry II
Snow peas
Green beans
Roasted/Raw peanuts
Soy Sauce
Sriracha Sauce
Amy's California Veggie Burger
Steamed Broccoli

Alright, chop everything (except rice :).  Cook the rice with veggie broth (as usual).  Then, saute garlic and ginger in sesame oil in a large skillet.  After, add celery and green beans and broccoli and the frozen veggie burger(s).  Then, add snow peas, lettuce, spinach, scallions.  Put the lid over the skillet and let steam until veggie burgers are light in color and everything is bright green.
Mix and add the peanuts.  They are so good together!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two In One Day! What???!!!

Crazy. I know!
But I have some new stuff going on that I didn't want to write in the other post.

Here's what's new:
- Won't be able to continue dancing if/when I move (meaning, no Worlds :( )
- 4+ cookbooks!
- Going to take up Crew/Rowing (I am small/light enough to be the Coxswain :)
- Ride more often
- Focusing on directing my classes in terms of Biology, Chem. (I want to go to college to be a Vet or some type of Forensic scientist)
- Need to take German outside of school :(
- Need to take French in school
- Trying to get rid of crap food (Oreos, Chex Mix, ect.....)
- Training for a 5k :)
- Training to be a true runner with my mother (Ha! That rhymes!)

So...I have a new life.  A new beginning.
This is all so exciting!
Soon, I will be in a new town.
I want to just exercise more and just keep going!
Need to get healthier.
I want to go raw for a month.
Goodness, I don't know what else to say.
I am just so excited and maybe I will blog more.
One of my lifetime goals is to make a cookbook.
And one of my friends likes to make fun of me and says we should make a "David Garrett" cookbook (meaning, German Vegan food and some New York highlights :).

Is there anything else I need to say?
I am planning on seeing the Earthlings documentary soon, and UNITY when it comes out.
Also, I want to read many different food documentary books, as well.  Such as Fast Food Nation, Food Politics, ect.

I just want to get "Foodecated!" 

Also, finally, I just want to say I learned the truth about why we shouldn't have leather.  It's just so awful that I can't bear to post about it on this blog.  It's just so sad.
I can't wear synthetic leather when riding though... :( It'll hurt the horse.

Welcome to Kittery, Maine

Did I go to ME? Sorta.  Kinda.  Well, yes?
For the past two weeks, I have been away.  As in, camp and vacation.
For camp, I went to my dance camp.
It was for five days, and it had the same three main dance teachers there.  (A member from DanceMasters - Best of Irish Dance, IDM magazine (and one other) cover girl, and Lord of the Dance member who is usually the lead bad guy :))
Our daily schedule looked like the following: 7 - 7:30 WAKE UP, 8:15-8:45 breakfast, 9 - 9:30 Warm-ups/Drills, 9:30-12:30 dance (with two different teachers, each class 1.5 hrs.), 12:45-1:15 Lunch, 1:15-3 Pool/Relax, 3:15-4:30 Activity, 4:30-6 Dance (Either a Set, Masters, Ceili, or Freestyle class (I had the Set class- Garden of Daisies), 6:30-7 Dinner, 7-8 Break, 8-9 Activity, 9:30 GOOD NIGHT DANCERS!

Overall, long days :)
The activities I had were: Embroidery, Celtic Tile Painting, Tie Dye, and Yoga.  I also snuck in on Duct Tape Tricks :) Which was just making things like wallets, flowers, headbands, and even mustaches on a stick :)

The food there was different... I had a difficult time most of the day, especially breakfast the first few days.
The only thing I could eat at breakfast was a STALE, HARD, FOAM-LIKE bagel.
I had to eat it plain until the third day I noticed they had jam.
That morning, I sat down on my chair and exclaimed to my table, "THEY HAVE JAM TODAY!"
They all looked at me with neutral expressions.
"They've always had jam."
".....and no one told me?"

The last two mornings, I chose to try crap-mock brand cereal.  Meaning, Cocoa Puffs, were Cocoa Ruus.
They were so GOOD!  But I think that was probably my taste buds crying tears of joy from not eating a bagel those two last good morning.

Besides breakfast, the best lunch I could have (and I sincerely looked forward to this meal every day because it was tasty) was a piece of bread (usually whole wheat or rye - I think it was rye I chose most days) with mustard and tomato slices with a side of beets and fries.
By the way, they only had dessert at this meal...

As for dinner, I foraged.
One of my last dinners was best.
It was pasta with sauce and beets and green olives from the salad bar.

Anyway, besides food and dancing...there were just all this AUSTRALIANS/Foreign guys.....
Nah, forget them :)

(Did I mention this camp we had rented out this year (also next year!) is a sports camp?! Yep...there was some good "sight seeing.")

On Friday, when I was picked up from camp, my parents and I went straight to Durham, NH.
We stayed at the Three Chimneys Inn. Just off Main Street.
We were on UNH campus.
I even saw the equine and dairy facilities :) (and others, but they weren't as important :)

We went to NH because that is where my family wants to live.
My parents want to retire there.
My mom wants to work at UNH.
My mom wants me to go to college there...
And my dad should be getting a job around there.

We looked at Durham, Lee, and Madbury first. Nope. Although, there was one AWESOME house that was RIGHT ACROSS from the UNH Dairy facility :)

Then, we looked at Stratham (we were going to move to Stratham four years ago but that never happened), Exeter, Epping, Newfields, Brentwood, Bedford, Dover, East Kingston, and Kensington.  (We were going to look at Hollis or Nashua but not anymore).
So, who knows where the hell I am going next :)

Next summer I am hoping to work at a Vet clinic or animal hospital or something like that around where I live.
Especially since Vet hospitals seem to be everywhere!  There are like Dunkin Donuts - they're everywhere!  There are probably more Vet hospitals per square feet than there are DD!
Happiness is near.

My parents also want chickens :)
I said I am naming on Sunflower seed.
Chickens remind me of seeds...
Don't ask why.

Why did she put Kittery, ME at the top of this post?
Well, we ended up in Kittery a few times :)
They had torn down a old bridge near Dover and are currently building a new one in Boston that is to be shipped up river around next January (this coming).

Besides travelling to Kittery, ME, we also went to our next favorite city (Boston's #1) of Portsmouth, NH.
We went there twice.
The first day we went there, we went on the Heritage boat and took a boat ride.  We went to Annabelle's Ice Cream shop (I obviously didn't get anything), and we ate at the Portsmouth Brewery.
I learned that the owners of the Brewery were vegetarians :)
I tried the beer my dad got (the restaurants own).  It tasted like dark chocolate with hints of coffee and fruit.
I had the Tempeh Reuben (the sauce was disappointing, but the TEMPEH was awesome!) with the vegetable of the day (don't know what it was, I didn't care).
They also had vegetarian pot pie and vegan sausage, and other things that looked amazing!

The next time we went, we went to The Flatbread Company (we always do) and I got the awesome Vegan pizza and the CHOCOLATE GLUTEN FREE VEGAN BROWNIE THAT WAS AMAZING.
I also had the No Boundaries salad and added sun-dried tomatoes, fire roasted corn, and black beans.
Do it.
Try it.

We also went to Newick's Lobster House in Dover.
Veggie Burger.

I've never had better vegan food (that I haven't made).
So happy.
Great vacation.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Pack

So, have I ever talked about PETA and my views on them?  Probably, I think I remember doing so vaguely...
Anyway, just to be super confusing, my mother and I, or at least me, are joining the PETA pack.
There are a few 5k/Half Marathon races over my birthday weekend, one in Machester, NH, Nerburyport, MA, and one in Shelburne,Vermont.
Now, let me fully tell you my views on PETA (I think I have them straight now) :  I think PETA can be annoying and pushy and can be too extreme, but I think they give good information and do good petitions for a lot of things.  I also think they are good resources to look to for recipes and help.
Furthermore, I kind of want to get into some animal activist activities, and a good place to start, is to run for PETA.
Although, I don't plan on doing fundraising for the run, but I am giving $35 :)
So overall, I am excited, even if I am embarrassed to tell any of my close friends because they all know how I feel about them (without the good feelings) :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Team USA!

I cannot stress this enough: I LOVE the Summer Olympics!
Not only can I relate to more of the sports, but I know more names of the Olympians.
I don't care for skiing, even though my family says I was a natural at it when I first tried it in NH.
Now, I already have scheduled that all Equestrian events will be recorded in case I miss any.
I also really wanted to see if Mitt Romney's Rafalca and rider, Jane Ebeling, do their "horse ballet" (Dressage).
The other events I have been watching are: Cycling, Shooting, Archery, Rowing, Gymnastics, Swimming, and well, whatever's on :)

So as you can see, I am enjoying this year's Olympics very much, and I can also say, Thank you Britain! That was the best opening ceremony that I can remember!
(As the ceremony was going on, Brandy and I were talking on the phone, and I said, "I love Mr. Bean! I can now truly say, I am SO proud to be English!)
It was a truly awesome start to the Olympics Summer 2012.

Besides the Olympics, yesterday was a very fun day for my family and I.
I had $150 from my birthday still, so we went to Dover Saddlery near my house and another consignment shop not far from Dover.
First, we went out to eat to a Mexican restaurant I found.  I had the most amazing salad! It was their House Salad and it had lettuce, black beans, fire roasted corn, a lemon-lime vinaigrette, and I ordered some guacamole to come with it.  It was great. Plus, we were the only people there and the place had just opened for the day so the free chips were warm :)

Then, after, we went to the consignment shop to see if we could get what I wanted there for cheap.
The list for the day was:
Kerrits Full Seat Supreme in Tan
New helmet that is good for showing
Half Chaps
Tall Boots to try on

At the consignment shop, we bought Zocks (they are so cozy!), IRH ATH Black Velvet Helmet, Ariat Breeze Half Chaps in black, and black Synthetic EquiStar Paddock Boots.
The boots and socks were extra, but apparently I was not allowed to ride with black pants, black chaps, and brown paddock boots ;(
And by the way, the synthetic leather was not on purpose!

When we got to Dover, we had to first get some Electrolytes for the horses at the barn because we were doing a favor for our friends at the barn :)
Then, we went to try on tall boots.
They also, sadly, did not have the pants :((
I didn't fit in ANY boots! Ha ha
My calves are too big!
There was one boot, and this one fit but it was hard to get on, and it was the Ariat Challenge boot.
My right leg was so numb by the time we got the left one on!
It felt so good to have both on. It was great.

In the end, it was a great day!

As for today, I was riding on a new horse, and he is so sweet! His name is shaved on his butt :)
Next week, I will probably be riding another horse too.
Did I mention I was starting to canter?
It's all just so exciting!
I can't stand it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some New Things

First of all, I just want to say, that I am not going to elaborate on Nationals.  I am too sad.
Nationals was two days this year, and the first day was SO AWESOME! My school took home so many awards!  My ceili got 1st and our freestyle group got 2nd, but our school took home all places in the freestyle (all 5!).
Also, my hard shoes were still not broken in when I got to Nationals, but while I was backstage, waiting for our freestyle to be called, I scraped them on the floor and they worked perfectly!
That day couldn't have been better!
I also couldn't have felt more confident about the solos the next day.

Solo day.
I once again didn't eat really anything at all!
The day before I could only get half a banana down, if that!
Solo day, I had two Twizzlers and something else not very good - probably half a banana again...
Anyway, my number was 462.
I danced alone on solos.
As there were 13 girls in my category.
I don't understand why I didn't do well!
I thought I did VERY well in my reel and I thought I did good in my treble jig.
I do understand though, that I probably killed any chance of placing during my hornpipe.  I didn't have the right rhythm...I absolutely HATE live music.
The day before they had a computer playing music you'd hear in class, at the speeds you dance too.

So I went home crying.
I cried for these reasons:

  • We're expecting to move away from here; this could have been my last feis..even if right now that doesn't seem true sadly...Still praying fiercely. 
  • I wanted to be a Prizewinner.
  • I thought I had done well enough to have placed. 
  • All my practice for a Participating trophy! (I got others...but from groups...a group effort)
That's all I'm going to say.

On to some happier topics.

  • Raw pine nuts taste like the fat from bacon.
  • I have more cookbooks, plus pre- ordered others.
  • For the back to school shopping, all clothes will be organic! Maybe even my backpack, and def my makeup, ect. (except for riding gear).
  • This Sat. my parents and I will be going to Dover Saddlery a little ways from my home :) (I hope to get half chaps (I was looking at two Ariat ones), Kerrits Fullseat Supreme pants in tan so I can compete, and Ariat Heritage Medium Zip Tall Boots, and a new helmet (mine is SO ugly and useless...).  The helmet will be velvet or something that I can compete in. 
By the way, one of the classes I will be taking this next year or the next few, will be a cooking class! I am SO excited!

So that's it. 
Did I mention I am semi in the market for a horse? Once we move I can look more, even if I won't be getting one right away.  Oh! I saw one Warmblood that has the perfect names that I'd want for my own horse.
Show name: As You Wish
Name: Westley
As you can see, The Princess Bride is my favorite movie.
Anyway, the things I was looking for in a horse is the following: 
  • Warmblood
  • Gelding
  • Under 12 years old, preferably 11
  • 15.2 hands or higher
  • In this country
  • Has a good personality
  • Doesn't spook easily
  • Can jump, W/T/C
  • Healthy
  • Not an Appy.  (I don't want a horse going blind :( )
  • Likes a lot of attention 
So I know I am new to the horse market, and have 0 experience, but these were the things that I picked up on while exploring.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A New Goal

Over the past few days, Nationals camp has begun!  And now, as a Novice, I must do a hornpipe set, a reel set, and a treble jig set.  Furthermore, I am in an 8-hand called Trip To The Cottage.  And finally, I am doing a group freestyle too!  It has been going well, but some people (the few junior champions we have and some new prizewinners) are having trouble.

This Summer, I have been working at the barn a lot, and I have learned so much in the short time I have started helping out there.  One embarrassing this is, is that I know no basics whatsoever about horse care/handling.  I had no idea how to put a halter on or how to shower a horse. But I learned these things. I just hope I can remember :)

Now, for the reason I am posting, here is the news:
The other day, while I was at the barn, I was talking to a girl who just got a new horse from Germany (a dappled gray German Sport Horse) and a boy who is my friend and major helper.  He was saying something about getting free ice cream, but then said, "Oh wait, you can't eat it..." And so I asked, "Why not?"
"Oh, I'm a vegan."
I felt my eyes get wide, "REALLY?  I AM TOO!" (I was really excited)
"Really?  How long?"
and you can guess how the rest went on, but I asked her another question a few days later:
"Are you going to wear all organic clothing?"
"Yeah, I am trying to slowly change everything to organic."
"But what about saddles and your riding boots?"
"I can't do that, because synthetic saddles can hurt horses because they bend/mold so easily and can hurt his back.  So, everything but riding items."

Hearing this, made me think: "Do I want to go fully vegan?"
Well, on Friday night, I watched "Forks Over Knives" and am currently reading, "Please Don't Eat The Animals," so I have all the more reasons to live a vegan life. I want to get rid of fish, but I need to try eating more dark leafy greens and have a bunch of recipes for Kale and such.  My goal is to live a vegan life within the next 3-4 years.
The only thing is, is that there are some things that will not be vegan, such as: my horseback riding life, Irish dance shoes, my bow, some clothing, and a few other things, but nothing major.
Oh yeah, furniture...that stays same?
So I got really excited about this, and I hope I can achieve it!

Friday, May 25, 2012

How Ya Doing?

I am back after a long break. 
Happy Herbivore has been put on hold because there are now recipes that I need to do this summer since I do not have the time or need to make them right now.  
Anyway, I have been doing a lot of recipes from some of older cookbooks and one of my newer ones: Big Book of Vegetarian, Moosewood, and 1,000 Vegan Recipes (which, btw, has been a real winner!).  For my upcoming graduation, I gave my parents six choices of desserts that we can make for my grad. party.  Yumm..
Right now there is a Cookbook Giveaway from one of my favorite authors (Robin Robertson) where you can win one of her books.  Just go to her blog to enter.
Furthermore, I qualify for Nationals again this year and I have a chance of going to Worlds and another huge competition in Europe by next year :) (both of those comps. are back-to-back.)
Anyway, that's all for now. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are You Mocking Me?

Well, once again I am an unfaithful blogger, but at least I blog sometimes :)

So far, I have done at least six more recipes, and more are coming up!

I am making Soft Pretzels tomorrow for the season of Lent.

So today I was working at the barn again.

My second time and it was awesome!

Last time, the first time, I had just mucked the wash stalls (standing for the first five minutes like a mindless moron who didn't know what they were doing...but I should cut myself a little slack since it was my first time...), cleaned a saddle, and learned how to wash a horse.

While I had been in the first wash stall, Phantom was looking at me, so I naturally asked, "Are you mocking me?"

He probably was.
(BTW my instructor wants me to canter soon!  I have been riding for almost four years so this is really awesome!  I have never cantered and then the next time we go up to Mt. Washington, I can do the advanced trail ride :)

This time though, it was a lot more fun.

I groomed Phantom, watched someone put medicine on his hocks (they had cuts on them), helped feed the horses their hay and grain, turned Phantom out, and cleaned the tack/trainer's tack, and A.V. "house."
It was so much fun!

Poor Phantom doesn't like to be alone without a horse named Rosco near him, so we couldn't put him in his stall.

During all of this, another working student, who called me the "Rookie," quizzed me on how much horses/ponies should be fed, the names of the horses at the barn, and where they lived in what order.

So next weekend is supposed to be more barn painting, and I plan on helping out again on Sat. to help move the jumps to the outer field and whatever else needs to be done.

Anyway, just now my family and I made pizzas.
My pizza was spinach, Daiya Mozz., tomatoes, and sauteed whitecap mushrooms.
Really good.

Sadly, tomorrow I am not making anything Easter related except the pretzels...:(
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hello! Happy Spring Break!

I'm back!  I seem to say those same two words every time I blog now.  
I haven't posted anything in the past few days because I have lacked a computer at hand.
But I chose to post now, because if this rain lightens up, and even maybe if it doesn't, I am headed to the barn to help take care of the horses.
This is really exciting, and I am also hoping for sun on Sunday because we will be having a barn party where everyone is invited to come eat party foods, paint the barn, and for those who have lessons on Sunday, they get to ride as well!
Aren't I lucky?

Also, an hour ago I created three more recipes out of HH.  Yummm.  They tasted great!  Except for some Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits w/ Basic Glaze w/ Almond Extract.  

I didn't go to dance last night because I was so tired, and it's break so...
There is no dance tonight, and even if there was, I wouldn't be going. 

Happy Herbivore is almost below a hundred recipes to go!
I hope to do more of the baking/desserts soon as well.

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally Meeting Some MAJOR Goals

First of all, I will be blogging more next week!  No school, see?
Anyway, while I have not been blogging, I have been cooking non-stop.
Not only did I throw down a bunch! of Happy Herbivore recipes out of the book, but I met my three Vegan hopes after I turned.
- Mac and Cheese (Baked, wanted an almost-exact replica of my friend Colleen's)
- Mashed Potatoes
- Chocolate Chip Cookies

AH!  I was so happy when I made these.  Remember Brandy?  Remember how she doesn't like Vegan/healthier food (she doesn't eat well...)?  Well, I gave one of each cookie to my teacher and she liked them a lot.  She even said they didn't taste any different from a normal cookie!
Happy Days...
Also the Mac and Cheese came from the 30-Day Vegan Challenge.  Boy, I need that book soon.  The mac and cheese was amazing!  I made the baked version so I could have it taste like Colleen's...
It was just like how I remembered!

Finally, I just, as in just, made these potatoes.
They were part of the St. Patrick's Day stagger.
They were amazing plus they were with a mushroom gravy!
Those recipes came from Robin Robertson's 1000 Vegan Recipes which I hope to finish in the next four years.

So the past few weeks have been all about dance, and I am finally catching a break.  Meaning, I don't have it five/six times a week and don't have any performances on the weekend.
I am back to regular classes and don't plan on doing any of the feisanna for a while, unless the MA one...but the judging wasn't great last year even though people loved the hotel.

So yesterday was horse day.  I rode Mojo.  Mojo was different.  Extremely different.
Here's how I see it:
Jersey Girl - Stubborn.
Phantom of the Opera - Lazy but Obedient.
Mojo - Prankster but Obedient.

Mojo is also a pony.  Maybe two-thirds Phantom's size.  I was to say Phantom is between fourteen-fifteen hands but that might be too much.  Anyway, Mojo is pretty small, also meaning that his strides are shorting, "quicker" as it feels, and his neck is longer.
All opposites of Phantom's stride and body.
And Mojo's skinny, but since I gave Phantom four sugar cubes yesterday, Mojo will get fatter too...
I almost fell out four times yesterday.
New record!
But my instincts are getting sharper and more prepared for a fall.
At one point, Mojo faltered in hole.
Another time Mojo had an itch (Actually this happened twice) and quickly stopped to put his head down and scratch his leg - I almost fell out as I jerked forward.
Finally, Mojo tripped again, and fell forward to the side (right, outside leg).  This time, as my left foot came out of the stirrup and I tilted to the side, I grabbed the bridle then pulled myself up and literally hugged Mojo who was standing still in half-seat.
It was a ride to remember.
Bounce, bounce, bounce....
It didn't help Mojo's quirks are stopping in corners or standing in the middle of the ring and stopping (he did not stop in the center, just refused to stay trotting near the gate corners or by my instructor.
I did love him though, but I need to get used to him.
Also, there was a three-way conversation between me, my instructor, and a little girl cleaning her horse.
We were talking about what Mojo was, and my instructor says I hit it right on the dot: a Rogue Teddy Bear.
Ha, can't wait till next week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

No photos today or reviews, just a heads-up.

Today consists of:
Four performances at four different places.
Making mashed potatoes!  (Hopefully...Depends when I'll be home long enough)

Also, I have already make Beer Bread.

My St. Patty's Day recipes will be staggered.


I am going to make sugar cookies too :) '

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last night was HUGE.
It was the biggest performance I have had yet.
And it was a lot of fun.

I won't tell you what specifically, but we were an opening performance for something that was broadcast on TV.
We weren't on TV though....
But last night we met the owner, his mascot, and caught glimpses of other things.
Plus, it was really sweet because I was leading a little girl named "Bailey" around.
She kept jumping up and down to become taller than me, and I said maybe by the recital she'd make it, but when I knelt down a little, she made it and she was so excited!
Bailey showed me her family in the stands and it was sweet just talking to her.

Anyway, I didn't fully remember what order the second dance went in, so I made it like this with motions:
Circles, Cheer, Partners, Double, Out, Bow.
:) Mysterious how I can't tell you exactly what that is, but that's the rules of my school.

On another dancing note, we have another Big, but not so big, performance this afternoon.
Fun, but I am so tired...
Dance for the past two weeks has been five or four times each week.
1 and a half to two hours.
Exhaustion is here...

We left the show early, due to the fact we don't really like it, and when I got home, I dressed in clothes that I could breathe in, and I was in complete Boston wear. (we were dressed in boostieas/corset type of things)
It were as though my mind were cleansing itself ;).

Next, an update for St. Patty's Day!
I have four performances, plus I am cooking a dessert, breakfast, and side dish.
They look very good.
Also, Happy Herbivore is almost done with.

Monday, March 5, 2012


No, the update is not entirely about ice cream!  (Who can talk about ice cream for a whole conversation???)

The update is that I am feeling much better and am sleeping a lot better these past few days.  
Well, I don't think that it has to do with the B12, but I feel it might be because I have been eating a lot more and the past few days have looked a little like:
Pumpernickel bagel with Cashew Cream Cheese (Need to post recipe)

Leftovers (Cornbread Casserole, Veggie Taco, Smoothie-Ice-Cream-Thing) (will post too)

Banana with Almond Butter 


Anyway, I have been eating multiple small meals as well.
Hmm Tasty!

There was definitely more on that list, but I don't remember.

The only thing I'd tweak is less nuts...I have such bad control, especially when it comes to RAW cashews... yum...

Now as for the ice cream picture, I have been craving it.
Also, I did make a whole conversation about ice cream on the way home from the barn yesterday.  It went from talking about the horses to the lesson to sugar cubes to ice cream.

I don't know how it got there, it just did.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Um, excuse me...."

"You lost an earring," a little girl at dance practice told me yesterday.
It was so adorable!
Then later, as we were all leaving the studio, another girl came up to me and asked me if I only had one earring.
I said, "No, I just have three earrings."
Strange number, I know, but I only wanted an odd one.

Dance was yesterday for two and a half hours as the first practice for a big performance next weekend.  So excited!

We have practice a few more times this week and then have the last one on the day of the performance.

So last night I tried to cook myself a re-creation of a salad that I have yet to post.
I completely ruined it!
Yesterday was just not my day.
First off, as I cooked, I turned away to chop some cucumber then went back to the stove knowing the couscous was done.
The recipe next to it was burned.
Half of it.
Amazingly, all the notes and recipe instructions were still in tact, but not only was there charred paper flying around the granite counter, but I also charred a little bit of the wooden spoon I was using.

Then, when I was adding the mint to the salad, I took the lid off of the spice container and out is all came!
It was disgusting.
I tried to force it down, adding more salt and olive oil but that didn't help at all.
So I had some leftover chilled banana with some cinnamon and coconut flakes.
Dessert first.
Then, I had some leftover stir-fry my parents had.
Now, I love cashews in a stir-fry, and my parents had put shrimp in it, so I worked around it with a fork.
I selectively took out anything and everything I wanted with the four-pronged fork, and stuffed it into a little wooden bowl.
Sadly, to my lack of knowledge, I never saw the big, wooden spoon lying next to the wok.
How frustrating.
I could have saved myself  a lot of time.

Now for today.
So remember Splotches from last weekend?  Well, today I learned, once again, that his name is Happy.
Ugh, Happy is so annoying.  His full name is Splotches Rude Face Sugar Addict Happy.
Mouthful, yes.
S.R.F.S.A.H. tried to nip my face off (maybe that's being too dramatic).
He kept coming at me for a fourth sugar cube.
I had yet to give Phantom one.

Then, I went over to Big Red.
I scratched him a little, but left after being a little grossed out because someone had a runny nose...

My dad and I also met Mojo, the horse I should be riding soon.
Mojo was white and his upper lip was quite silly because it would jut out as he tried to nibble his way into our pockets where the sugar cubes were held.  But the only problem was that he was a good three inches too far from our pockets :P :).
Remember the black horse?  I forget what I called him, but his name is Token of My Affection.  Love that name.

Anyway, I tried to give Phantom a cube before I got on in hopes he'd have a sugar rush.
Not even close.
He was just as lazy in the circles and crossing across the ring or riding down the center on a turn.
He also wouldn't keep the trot up.  I swear I was squeezing him the whole time and just as hard.
Besides him, it was really great.
Sigh, today I had the worst crop but I used it more than I ever had!
I wasn't angry, just a little annoyed.
I love him though...

As my instructor told me that I could get off as I brought him to a stop, I was so excited!
Not only was I still holding the crop as I got off, but she wasn't holding on to his bridle either!
I pulled something in my leg as I slid off.
Gr, I did not need that this week.
I mean it is better, but still, what if it hurt me all week?
Sigh, maybe next week.
Phantom then got two more cubes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Figure Eights, Poles, Rude Faces, and Sugar Cube Games

By the looks of this picture I bet you can tell what I will be talking about today :-)

Walking into the barn yard, there was a cute little pony who looked a lot like a new pony from Alberta, CA that came a few weeks ago to a little girl.  His was gray and white both in the body and tail/mane, but had brown splotches dancing across his spotted face.  
It was adorable!  And when I came to him and tried to pet him, he drew his face away from me and wouldn't let me touch him!  
Then, when my mom came over with the Sugar Cubes, he made a small whinny that was equally adorable to his profile. 
He happily ate the sugar cube I gave him but quickly decided he wanted more by calling out again.
He did this a few times and he did get one more.  (Let's call him Splotches because 'he' and 'his' is getting old).  Splotches remained stubborn in his refusal to let me touch his fuzzy face, but gladly took took the second cube.  
During that last cube, I decided to try to get him to play (Also, when I went to his buddy across from him, my mom and I turned around to see his ears pricked up and attentive and pawing the ground with his left hoof).  So I took the cube and placed it in my right gloved hand and told him to try to find it (he had to decide if it was in my left or right fist).   I did this four times switching it back and forth until I decided he was no fun, still not letting me touch him, and that he would get too fat and that he was getting frustrated with me not giving him the dang sugar cube. :-)
Across from him, (he was in a paddock) there was a large chestnut with a white line running down his face.  His ears (This one we will call Big Red) were flat against his head.  But he let me feed him a cube.  :)
Five or six stalls down, my dad fed a sweet little white pony while next to him was a big black horse (not a Friesian but maybe a cross).  This horse, (We're calling him Blackie.  How creative?)  Blackie, had a net on his face and a gate across the top opening of his stall gate.   
My dad thought it'd be hard to give him a cube, but I gave him one.  He was sweet.

Now for lesson.
Phantom is so lazy!  You literally need to crop in your hand to really get him going or otherwise he will be tripping over his own feet. 
I can't help you, Phantom, if you don't do your part.
But I love him anyway! 
I talked to him warming up, took up the crop after his lazy trot once around the barn, and he got his rhythm.  
There were three "cones" down the center of the barn, and jumps were scattered everywhere inside.  These jumps didn't pertain to me, but they were extra obstacles.
Anyway, two poles were in the front of the bar, (picture looking over a gate into a barn, the poles would be in the very front near the gate) I did figure eights around these and Phantom would stay in his rhythm but I won't blame him entirely because I don't know if I was squeezing my calves.  
Anyway, they were fun. 
My sit-trots were better too. 
Down the middle of the barn, I did weaving.  I still had trouble keeping Phantom at the trot.
Later, we were put on the lunge line.  Now, although the lunge line is my friend, it is definitely not Phantom's friend.  
I was on there for only about a minute, if that.
My instructor had me take my feet out of the stirrups and let my legs hang long.  While in this position, I was supposed to do sit-trots.  Not successful.  As soon as Phantom was finally going, I told her almost instantly I couldn't.  Although, I was somewhat close.  
We went back out along the rail and tried more half-seat, posting trot a few more times.  
At one point, my instructor asked if I was tired, and I laughed and said yes, my knees were hurting. 
So we let my legs hang long and walked around one last time before the end of the lesson.  
My instructor said Phantom was taking advantage of my pain and was being lazy. 
I told him that was rude.
When I got off and gave him a cube, the green slime that is usually coating his lips, was thankfully not there, but I did tell him his breath smelled awful!  As I walked over to my parents who were sitting down, my mom suddenly said he wanted more.  
To my surprise, Phantom was absurdly close to me and he looked incredibly happy!  :) I gave him another but  the cube dropped and he bit my finger.  I swear each horse today has bitten my finger!  Sigh.  It is a wonder I still have my finger :-)

B.B. Smoothie Recipe
1 c Frozen Blueberries 
2 Frozen Bananas
Unsweetened Almond Milk

Blend.  It should be thick. Very thick. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Much Long Awaited Post Has Arrived

I don't want to be an unfaithful blogger but it sure has turned out that way, especially when I get off of my blogging-binges.
Well I know you have been dying for the results of the feis right??

After waiting and standing for five hours straight, no water since breakfast which was not even 1/4 c., I, 426, was called to take the stage alongside one of my fellow dancers from my school.
We did Reels first, then Slip Jigs, then Treble Jigs, Hornpipes, Saint Patrick's Day, Treble Reels, and finally Jockey to the Fair.  I only Reels, Slips, Treble Jigs, and Jockey (I keep spelling it Jocket...).
Anyway, when we finally got to the awards, the three of us in our age/level group went up.  This means that I had to get a trophy for each dance I did.
I got Four trophies plus a medal for participating.
It was a rush to get my third trophy...
Reels - Second (My arm came in front of my dress's skirt at one moment before I fixed it, and I forgot to bow... don't know if that changes anything)
Slips - Third (Slips are my bad luck dances because my soft shoe always starts to come off during my favorite Slip and I just made it with that at the feis)
Treble Jig - First Place.  
Jockey to the Fair - Tied with Second (because it was only me and one other girl from my school who did it)

Not bad for my first Novice/"Normal" Feis eh?

                      Some horses are just to pretty too pass up like this Morgan horse!  Plus, this one says Hi :) !
Let's start with the first photo:
Southwest Chop Salad p. 124
Notes: Winner.  Lime juice for dressing, avocado would also be good in here. 

Creamy White Bean Dip
Notes: Best. Dip. Ever. Nuff Said.

Tiffany Blue Almond Frosting and Vegan Mini Chocolate Cupcakes
Notes: This frosting is great with coconut milk. Smells fantastic too.  These were so good! My first Vegan cupcakes too :)

Cherry Quinoa Salad p. 122
Notes: Needs dressing.  Winner by far. 

Greens Quiche p. 152
Notes: Winner.  I did not have a chance to eat this till nine o'clock after dance, but my parents did and my mom had been on a cleanse and took a bite and loved it.  My dad on the other hand, had to stop himself from eating anymore and had to make himself mac and cheese because he wanted to eat it all!  I needed some so he stopped.  It was fantastic.  But nothing like real quiche he said.

Spicy Mushroom Stir-Fry p. 142
Notes: Very good.  Spicy and warm in the belly.

Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie p. 16
Notes: Tastes like a cookie.  Nice and thick.  Just how I like it :)

French Toast Muffins p. 53
Notes: So good!  I ate half the batch before the next day.

Pasta with Greens 
Notes: This was amazing, my dad said this was the first time he LOVED Kale.

Tuscan Kale Chips
Notes: The might have tasted better, no they definitely good, but they needed to be crispier. They smell awful if you throw them out (as I did today).

Apple Oatmeal Smoothie
Notes: My play on H.H.'s Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie.  I used an apple, not a banana.

Ginger-Miso Quinoa Stir-Fry p. 136
Notes: Winner. Light, crunchy, and tasty.  Quinoa does not add much, only nutrients and texture.  Reminded me of my first time with Fish roe.

Whole-Wheat Drop Biscuits p. 37
Notes: Pleasant, tasty.

Mistake Muffin
(Notes on another post)

Tex-Mex Shepherd's Pie p. 157
Notes: I used almond milk.  SO good.  Like very good.  We added hot sauce.

My trophies, medal, and flours from family.

Creamy Dijon Pasta p. 197
Notes: NEEDS Salt, GARLIC.  Parsley might be nice.  Pleasant (w/o add ins).  We did put in tomatoes and peas.  It was NOT a favorite at all without garlic, but with garlic... I WANT IT AGAIN SO BADLY.  Can't wait for leftovers!

Close-up on pretty flowers :)

Horse :)

Well that's it.  The Creamy Dijon Pasta was tonight's dinner.

Another Smoothie:
Cacao Nibs (Sunspire, the ones I didn't like)
Rolled Oats
Almond Milk

That might have been it, I will need to make it again to fully remember, but otherwise it was so good!

Now that I have caught up on all the photos, here is a new blog update:
If you look at my profile, there is now another blog on it.  Only, it hasn't and will not start until sometime next September.
One set back is the fact I will need to find and make my own copywright so no one steals my work.
Secondly, and this is really the main thing, the photography is what I hope to take as a class next year and I see no reason as to why I will not be able to.

So why did I make it now?

The excitement of the idea was too much, plus I loved the name The Remembered Forgotten and I did not want anyone to think of that name before me.  Although, I have had the name in my mind for the past five years and have been thinking of almost every imaginable idea to name it this.

Anyway, I hope to finish Happy Herbivore before June and then I will hope to finish Appetite for Reduction  over the summer.  By next September, I plan to start Vegan Bites for Singles so I can make them after school and so on.

Friday, February 17, 2012

1 More Day

Tomorrow is the feis.  Check-in time is 12:30 for Novice and I should be dancing around 1-1:30.  The feis is small and is estimated to end at 2:45.
Anyone else excited?
I am not nervous... Let's see how long that'll last ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two More Days

Anyone see the Grammys??
Just saying, Deadmau5 was great :) Foster the People was funny.  Maroon 5? That was not their best.

Saturday is the feis.  Ready?  I will be in my new dress and will dance two soft shoe: Reel and Slip Jig and two hard shoe: Jockey to the Fair and Treble Jig.
Excited, not nervous.  Yet...
I made CCK Nutella again so we can make sandwiches for dinner tomorrow at our hotel and then I wanted to make Soft Molasses Cookies from Happy Herbivore but... no white beans.
So here's a recipe that is a combination of two HH recipes: Soft Molasses and Spiced Chocolate Muffins. (remember those delicious cutie muffins?)

The Mistake Muffin
Makes 5 Muffins

1/4 c. unsweetened applesauce
1/4 tsp. cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger (maybe a little more to override bitterness)
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp. cornstarch
1/4 c. unsweetened cocoa powder (maybe a little less for a less bitter taste)
1/4 c. water
1/4 c. nondairy milk (I used (unsweetened/original Almond Milk)
1/2 - 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix and bake for 15 minutes.  Maybe a little more, I lost track of time.

So I messed up and didn't check for beans because I was too lost humming "Raise Your Weapon"  by Deadmau5.
They were slightly bitter, but I would make them again but maybe with more spice or less cocoa.
They were small but sweet :)
Just like I like em'!

Still sick :(
Missing Phantom again this week because I might be tired after the feis.
Hey, so I brought sugar cubes last week and now I can't find them!  Argh!
There was at least 100 cubes in this medium sized, bright colored box!
How can you lose sugar cubes?
Did some horse fairy (maybe a horse fly :) take them?
Sigh, now I can't give them to anyone now :(
I am supposed to be riding a different horse sometimes to get a feel for another rhythm and stride.  Plus, Phantom is a good beginner lesson horse and I am one of the more advanced riders, so I suppose the other horse I am going to ride, who I believe is a little too small for me and my teacher does too, but his name is Mojo.

Lesson of the day:
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
I write this because when I last rode, two years ago, I still couldn't get trotting.  I had been over a jump once and I had never held a crop before!  Now though, I am back and stronger and better and love it all the more.
Anyway, maybe God has these things happen to us to stop us for a while so our bodies, especially our minds, because more capable to handle these things we learn.
I really feel that this is true because it has happened to me!  (As I said before).

I really love to ride.
I plan on working there at least two times a week next year to pay for lessons.
Maybe I'll start in the summer?

Dinner tonight is from Happy Herbivore!  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A New Dip

Just something quick.

Another Black Bean Dip :)
Nice and tasty!

Black Beans
Onion Powder
Olive Oil

Blend in a food processor and eat!
I tried some one a cracker...It wasn't great, but I don't know if that will be the case with all crackers and a smoother texture.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vegan and Exhausted

It has been ten months now since I became a Veg.  But even before that, but it wasn't that bad, I was tired.  Actually, I think I am now tired for other reasons.
B-12 is a vitamin that comes from animal products and being Vegan...Well, there are no animal products in this diet.
Furthermore, my tiredness has been getting worse and I could have the best night's rest and wake up feeling groggy and absolutely sticky.  I don't think I know what a good night's rest is and how it feels in the morning...

On Saturday night, my parents were talking to me and they were finally tired (no pun intended) of hearing me say  how exhausted I was.  My dad doesn't think (and I can agree but I enjoy my diet and want to keep it) all of the aspects of being a vegan are healthy and/or necessary and my mom feels I should have fish a few times a week.
Being the stubborn thing I am, I said nothing and left.
I was searching the web yesterday to see why I was so tired.
Quote me, "Tired and Vegan" on the search engine.
That was so annoying!
But I did find some things, but otherwise is nobody else tired when they are Vegan?
It seems more people would talk about B-12 deficiency and how you need to get it, but they don't! 
Anyway, when I mentioned it this morning to my mom about a supplement for this, we got it two hours ago.
I took it and am awaiting the effects for it.
So excited!
I almost fell asleep during class and, by the way, I am sick again.... With a sore throat the burns every time I swallow.
Anyway, I will tell you about the effects when it happens.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Officially Own A Dress

X1654.  Bought it and done.  Now, all is needed is the alterations.

It is so extremely pretty and it came with a pink hairband with black flowers and then a pair of earrings that are really not me at all.  My teacher even said it. Ha ha.  Gaudy and big!

It is really sparkly too.

Next on the blogging agenda, is no pictures but some reviews.  Finally, I know!

Happy Herbivore
Cherry Quinoa Salad pg. 122

Notes: Delicious, but needs a dressing. Or so my dad claimed.  I thought it was fine.  It also calls for some lemon (that'd be the dressing) but that would take away from the sweetness of the cherries.  Furthermore, I HATE cherries, but I hated coconut too (hint hint), until this salad.  There was no coconut in the salad, but the dried cherries were amazing!  Really, it the whole salad was.  
Also, I had some of the cherries with some coconut flakes we had.  What a special treat!

Southwest Chop Salad pg. 124
Notes: Winner.  Lime Juice for dressing.  Avocado would be very good in here.  Good with chips :) Who'd knew? ;) 

Ginger Bok Choy Stir-Fry pg. 139
Notes: A.Maze.Zing.

Spicy Mushroom Stir-Fry pg. 142
Notes: It was tonight's dinner.  Warm, very spicy, and absolutely delicious. 

Greens Quiche pg. 152 
Notes: It is making it into a weekly/monthly schedule.  So, in other words, it was very good.  Although my mom hates tofu, she liked it, and although my dad said it tasted nothing like quiche, he had to make mac and cheese after two slices to make sure I got some after I came home from dance.  :)

So that's all the reviews from Happy Herbivore for now.
Next thing.
Superbowl.  Let's not talk about sad things, but very good things.
Red: It was inside the cake. Mini Cupcakes. Note: I didn't have mini things so I made twelve big ones.  Just as good plain :)
Blue: Coconut Almond Frosting.  Note: The coconut is a replacement for the vegetable shortening to make it healthier. Although, it came out a little watery and I don't know why :( But it still tasted delicious!  My dad loved them very much.  
White: Best bean dip ever!  Note: I had to make two batches because I was tempted to finish out the first one.  But the second one, the one I did purely from memory and rough measurements, came out just as good and dilly!  Not so garlicky as the first one, which I like.  The second was definitely my favorite.  Serve with crackers (Stone Wheat Thins and such) and celery.

So that was the Superbowl for us.
Not glamorous but definitely the tastiest :)

So no pictures for now, but guess what?? I officially got Jockey.  Now for the feis next weekend... whew.

Maybe pictures this weekend but I have to do these things also: Sat. The Vow and Starbucks with friends.  House being shown to realtor which means cleaning.  Reading and if I can, finish War Horse.  Sun. Horseback riding.  Logging it for project. Pastor's wife's baby shower.  Making another Herbivore recipe.

I guess it isn't that much, but who knows!  And throw in food shopping too!

Food shopping, on that note, has become tons of fun!  Not that it wasn't last time, but it has become more fun now that our budget is 100-.  It is like a game :) and for the first time, we do another of my favorite things: Plan what we are going to eat.

Sigh, it is fun.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Foresee A Football Game and A Strange Bowl of Oatmeal in the Distance!

I am still alive, don't worry.  Right now I am eating my second breakfast because the first one was cold and now I want something warm in my stomach.  Mmm....
So yesterday I made the observation that both of the football teams today have the almost the same colors!  Only, as my dad puts it, silver is a prettier color than white.  HA!
Patriots fan.  Yes I am. 
Anyway, what is warming my stomach right now?
Well, you are going to think it's gross, but really it is pretty good.  
So, if you're willing to try something "out of the box..."

Reminds-Me-Of-The-Time-Between-Winter-And-Spring Oatmeal

  • 1 serving of Quick Oats
  • (Raw) Agave
  • Cinnamon 
  • Dried Mint Leaves
  • (Regular) Almond Milk
  • Raisins
  1. Cook the Quick Oats by the way of its instructions
  2. Stop cooking!  Put in some almond milk, cinnamon, and mint leaves.  I used maybe half a tsp. of Mint and mix.
  3. Put in more almond milk if desired/needed and put in agave and mix.
  4. Lastly, put in Raisins. 
If you do try it, can you tell me what you think of it?

Oh!  There might be another post later too.  Only because I making Red, Blue, and I can't find any Silver food, so White food.  
That's going to be exciting. 

"Who will win the 'superbowl?' "
- Quote from my report card... :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1,2,3, 100!

This is the 100th post.
Does it deserve something special?
Yes, but all I can do is give you an idea of what's to come for Super Bowl Weekend...

Let's just say Red, White, and Blue...

*Cliff Hanger*

Next, is McDonald's finally comes out!

Meat eaters who eat this stuff, look what you've been eating!

Back when I ate this crap a few times, I threw up.
I will never forget... Ew...

Dance was last night.
I have it again tonight, but I am exhausted from the cold I've had, and today everything has been blurring together.
I saw one of my friends' outfits, and I thought, "Didn't he wear that yesterday?"
Few seconds later, "No, that was still today..."

And I was glued to the bed this morning.  I did not even feel my body connected together.
What else?
I am going to write a letter about something in IDM.
That's exciting.

So are apple seeds really poisonous?
Yes.  Everything that comes up on the search of "apple seeds poison" all say they are!

Well, hear's how yesterday's lunch went:
I came sat down.
Talked and ate my apple.
And finally, when it was down to the core, I always knock the seeds out when I see them.
But there was one problem...
I didn't see them. 
I felt my face freeze and I looked up at my friends and asked if they thought they were poisonous.
Then, I went to my teacher and asked, "Mr. 'Teacher', will apple seeds make me sick?  'Cause I just ate all the seeds in my apple..."
I know I looked horrified, but all he said was, "No, I eat the whole apple all the time.  What about when you make smoothies?  The seeds get all crushed up.  They are full of nutrients anyway."
Not what Google said.
My whole homeroom agreed that they all thought they were bad, and all I could think was, "Am I going to die?  Dear God, please tell me I'm okay."
I am still here.
Twenty-four hours later.
Unless, it is a slow and painful death of course...
By the way, while I thought of death, I said, "But can't you die?" then I quickly corrected myself knowing he would correct me. "I mean, you are still here and alive, but..."
He is in his sixties and I suppose if he eats them daily, something he is eating or doing is counteracting the poison.
Questions that cannot be answered are terrible :(

Monday, January 30, 2012

Do You Really Know PETA?

A Man's Best Friend

(Article above, last para. PETA)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
People Eating Tasty Animals.

Which do you prefer?

Anyway, that link/article above is a sad story about a man who laid his pup to rest and then committed suicide himself.  He seems to have felt sorry that he lived in an apartment because his dog and him were abused and harassed by neighbors.
The dog was his best friend.
It was not a pit bull.
It just had the looks of one.

You hear all these stories about how pit bulls are angry, ugly, vicious, fighting dogs, but they aren't.  
It is how they are raised, how people treat them, that make them think that life is all about fighting and snarling.
They are dogs.
All dogs can do that.  Not just pit bulls.
But does PETA understand that?
Apparently not.

What they are doing is like sending a homeless adult or child away from your door!  They need your help!
But instead, you kill them or turn them away.
Oh wait, you killed them.
Not turn them away.

And not only do they kill pit bulls, but how many animals in their shelters are actually adopted, not killed??

(The following articles/websites conclude this post)

101 Dalmatians.


Not to sound angry, but I am.  PETA lies. 
They are not our animals saviors.
Or at least, in one of the most important places.

Did they sign with Obama to send wild horses to slaughter houses? 
Just dump your unwanted horses starving on the back of a truck to be killed in Mexico for the little bits of meat they have.
But even before that, they are shoved into corrals and can just barely squeeze against the other horse-bodies next to them for breath.
That is where PETA needs to be.
With animals that really do need help.
Does anyone have the app that counts the number of animals killed every minute or so?
Why would you want that?
That is so disturbed! 

I've been believing in something so distant
As if I was human
And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness 
In me, in me

All the promises I made

I have nothing left

We've been falling for all this time

Friday, January 27, 2012

What Do You Eat When You're Sick?

Today I was "sik."  It is gross.  At least though, we have medicine in pill form to save me from a tissue-overload!  Ahhh!!
That'd be gross.
Anyway!  When I woke up, I thought I was going to school.  So I made a bowl of cereal with almond milk and dried cranberries.
Later, when I didn't go to school, I made CCK Chocolate Oatmeal.  The sad thing is, is that I had unsweetened cocoa so it was kind of bitter, but I did try to sweeten it with some extra chocolate chips (I didn't think of those though until I was one-third of the way through the bowl), agave, and sugar.
I made it extra thick, though.  Just how I like it :)
So what does one do on their day off because of sickness besides cook?
I read Specials by Scott Westerfeld.
I played Skyrim and am now part of the Dark Brotherhood.  (Assassins) It is pretty disturbed but I am only in it because of a horse you get :))
Furthermore, I did nothing.
I was curled up on a couch with Magical Unicorn PillowPet :))
I also watch Downton Abbey.  The best show ever. 
I hope I get better soon :( By Sunday preferably because I don't and can't afford to miss another horse lesson or I will go crazy.  More or less so.
More good news:  I got Catching Fire to read soon.
So excited.
Oh yeah!  Back to cooking.
I also just made some more rice, beans, celery, with turmeric, cayenne, dried cilantro, and cumin.
Warm and Spicy.
Two things I have been needing all day to get better.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jockey to the Fair

I finally got it!  I just need to get the timing down pat.  The timing was my problem.  I am getting better!  YES!
Three more weeks.
Six more practices.
 Ten more hours.
Anyway, the dress is going to be sent on Friday.  So excited!

Being Tired Has Its Downsides....

For example, I was "missing" part of my retainer since yesterday morning and have been looking for it, since a few minutes ago.
So this is how my mornings usually go:  I wake up all groggy and such, waddle down the hall to the bathroom, and go to brush my teeth.  Now, I usually put my retainer on the container before I put it away, but yesterday, I forgot to.  Furthermore, this has happened before, well, to the point I almost forget to put it away, but I didn't notice I didn't have it till last night.
Anyway, now my mom found it in a cup where my toothbrush goes...
Overall, the point of that story was to tell you how exhausted I was.

Second today, I just made some rice, salsa, and black beans.  That was good.
Dance is only for an hour tonight, and another good news for dance is:  My family might go to see Lord of the Dance!  Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  (one of the dancers who will be one of the lead's this time around, was one of my teachers and is once and a while)

Some Vegan news (or just plain old food news):  I read in an article about a few food lies.  As in, when it comes to "natural" you might be eating crushed bugs for your "natural" food coloring.
Furthermore, aside from the article, (if I can find the article again I will post it, but it was on my dad's Facebook page) Tostitos don't seem to have any preservatives in them.  I just looked them up to be sure, and I couldn't find anything!  I am actually pretty shocked.  They seem like the are crap because I and my family feel sick after eating them...