Sunday, July 29, 2012

Team USA!

I cannot stress this enough: I LOVE the Summer Olympics!
Not only can I relate to more of the sports, but I know more names of the Olympians.
I don't care for skiing, even though my family says I was a natural at it when I first tried it in NH.
Now, I already have scheduled that all Equestrian events will be recorded in case I miss any.
I also really wanted to see if Mitt Romney's Rafalca and rider, Jane Ebeling, do their "horse ballet" (Dressage).
The other events I have been watching are: Cycling, Shooting, Archery, Rowing, Gymnastics, Swimming, and well, whatever's on :)

So as you can see, I am enjoying this year's Olympics very much, and I can also say, Thank you Britain! That was the best opening ceremony that I can remember!
(As the ceremony was going on, Brandy and I were talking on the phone, and I said, "I love Mr. Bean! I can now truly say, I am SO proud to be English!)
It was a truly awesome start to the Olympics Summer 2012.

Besides the Olympics, yesterday was a very fun day for my family and I.
I had $150 from my birthday still, so we went to Dover Saddlery near my house and another consignment shop not far from Dover.
First, we went out to eat to a Mexican restaurant I found.  I had the most amazing salad! It was their House Salad and it had lettuce, black beans, fire roasted corn, a lemon-lime vinaigrette, and I ordered some guacamole to come with it.  It was great. Plus, we were the only people there and the place had just opened for the day so the free chips were warm :)

Then, after, we went to the consignment shop to see if we could get what I wanted there for cheap.
The list for the day was:
Kerrits Full Seat Supreme in Tan
New helmet that is good for showing
Half Chaps
Tall Boots to try on

At the consignment shop, we bought Zocks (they are so cozy!), IRH ATH Black Velvet Helmet, Ariat Breeze Half Chaps in black, and black Synthetic EquiStar Paddock Boots.
The boots and socks were extra, but apparently I was not allowed to ride with black pants, black chaps, and brown paddock boots ;(
And by the way, the synthetic leather was not on purpose!

When we got to Dover, we had to first get some Electrolytes for the horses at the barn because we were doing a favor for our friends at the barn :)
Then, we went to try on tall boots.
They also, sadly, did not have the pants :((
I didn't fit in ANY boots! Ha ha
My calves are too big!
There was one boot, and this one fit but it was hard to get on, and it was the Ariat Challenge boot.
My right leg was so numb by the time we got the left one on!
It felt so good to have both on. It was great.

In the end, it was a great day!

As for today, I was riding on a new horse, and he is so sweet! His name is shaved on his butt :)
Next week, I will probably be riding another horse too.
Did I mention I was starting to canter?
It's all just so exciting!
I can't stand it!

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