Monday, February 13, 2012

Vegan and Exhausted

It has been ten months now since I became a Veg.  But even before that, but it wasn't that bad, I was tired.  Actually, I think I am now tired for other reasons.
B-12 is a vitamin that comes from animal products and being Vegan...Well, there are no animal products in this diet.
Furthermore, my tiredness has been getting worse and I could have the best night's rest and wake up feeling groggy and absolutely sticky.  I don't think I know what a good night's rest is and how it feels in the morning...

On Saturday night, my parents were talking to me and they were finally tired (no pun intended) of hearing me say  how exhausted I was.  My dad doesn't think (and I can agree but I enjoy my diet and want to keep it) all of the aspects of being a vegan are healthy and/or necessary and my mom feels I should have fish a few times a week.
Being the stubborn thing I am, I said nothing and left.
I was searching the web yesterday to see why I was so tired.
Quote me, "Tired and Vegan" on the search engine.
That was so annoying!
But I did find some things, but otherwise is nobody else tired when they are Vegan?
It seems more people would talk about B-12 deficiency and how you need to get it, but they don't! 
Anyway, when I mentioned it this morning to my mom about a supplement for this, we got it two hours ago.
I took it and am awaiting the effects for it.
So excited!
I almost fell asleep during class and, by the way, I am sick again.... With a sore throat the burns every time I swallow.
Anyway, I will tell you about the effects when it happens.


  1. just found this post through google - so glad it's not just me! i also went vegan about 10 months ago, and i'm not sure if it's the stress i'm under trying to juggle my uni work (in my last year of a classics degree and currently writing my dissertation) with working 30hours a week and crappy late shifts, but i feel like i haven't slept properly in WEEKS. i take b12 supplements too, but the thing i'm probably lacking in is vitamin D...i've been wondering if that's not the cause behind it?

    anyway, keep me updated on how you're getting on...fingers crossed we'll start to get a bit more energy soon!

    1. I will do another post on it soon. The B12 did help, but right now it didn't effect me much :(
      Sadly Google doesn't provide much information about being tired and vegan, which to me seems very weird. Aren't there at least a handful of vegans who have gone through this? They should post their experiences too. :)