Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Officially Own A Dress

X1654.  Bought it and done.  Now, all is needed is the alterations.

It is so extremely pretty and it came with a pink hairband with black flowers and then a pair of earrings that are really not me at all.  My teacher even said it. Ha ha.  Gaudy and big!

It is really sparkly too.

Next on the blogging agenda, is no pictures but some reviews.  Finally, I know!

Happy Herbivore
Cherry Quinoa Salad pg. 122

Notes: Delicious, but needs a dressing. Or so my dad claimed.  I thought it was fine.  It also calls for some lemon (that'd be the dressing) but that would take away from the sweetness of the cherries.  Furthermore, I HATE cherries, but I hated coconut too (hint hint), until this salad.  There was no coconut in the salad, but the dried cherries were amazing!  Really, it the whole salad was.  
Also, I had some of the cherries with some coconut flakes we had.  What a special treat!

Southwest Chop Salad pg. 124
Notes: Winner.  Lime Juice for dressing.  Avocado would be very good in here.  Good with chips :) Who'd knew? ;) 

Ginger Bok Choy Stir-Fry pg. 139
Notes: A.Maze.Zing.

Spicy Mushroom Stir-Fry pg. 142
Notes: It was tonight's dinner.  Warm, very spicy, and absolutely delicious. 

Greens Quiche pg. 152 
Notes: It is making it into a weekly/monthly schedule.  So, in other words, it was very good.  Although my mom hates tofu, she liked it, and although my dad said it tasted nothing like quiche, he had to make mac and cheese after two slices to make sure I got some after I came home from dance.  :)

So that's all the reviews from Happy Herbivore for now.
Next thing.
Superbowl.  Let's not talk about sad things, but very good things.
Red: It was inside the cake. Mini Cupcakes. Note: I didn't have mini things so I made twelve big ones.  Just as good plain :)
Blue: Coconut Almond Frosting.  Note: The coconut is a replacement for the vegetable shortening to make it healthier. Although, it came out a little watery and I don't know why :( But it still tasted delicious!  My dad loved them very much.  
White: Best bean dip ever!  Note: I had to make two batches because I was tempted to finish out the first one.  But the second one, the one I did purely from memory and rough measurements, came out just as good and dilly!  Not so garlicky as the first one, which I like.  The second was definitely my favorite.  Serve with crackers (Stone Wheat Thins and such) and celery.

So that was the Superbowl for us.
Not glamorous but definitely the tastiest :)

So no pictures for now, but guess what?? I officially got Jockey.  Now for the feis next weekend... whew.

Maybe pictures this weekend but I have to do these things also: Sat. The Vow and Starbucks with friends.  House being shown to realtor which means cleaning.  Reading and if I can, finish War Horse.  Sun. Horseback riding.  Logging it for project. Pastor's wife's baby shower.  Making another Herbivore recipe.

I guess it isn't that much, but who knows!  And throw in food shopping too!

Food shopping, on that note, has become tons of fun!  Not that it wasn't last time, but it has become more fun now that our budget is 100-.  It is like a game :) and for the first time, we do another of my favorite things: Plan what we are going to eat.

Sigh, it is fun.

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