Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome to Kittery, Maine

Did I go to ME? Sorta.  Kinda.  Well, yes?
For the past two weeks, I have been away.  As in, camp and vacation.
For camp, I went to my dance camp.
It was for five days, and it had the same three main dance teachers there.  (A member from DanceMasters - Best of Irish Dance, IDM magazine (and one other) cover girl, and Lord of the Dance member who is usually the lead bad guy :))
Our daily schedule looked like the following: 7 - 7:30 WAKE UP, 8:15-8:45 breakfast, 9 - 9:30 Warm-ups/Drills, 9:30-12:30 dance (with two different teachers, each class 1.5 hrs.), 12:45-1:15 Lunch, 1:15-3 Pool/Relax, 3:15-4:30 Activity, 4:30-6 Dance (Either a Set, Masters, Ceili, or Freestyle class (I had the Set class- Garden of Daisies), 6:30-7 Dinner, 7-8 Break, 8-9 Activity, 9:30 GOOD NIGHT DANCERS!

Overall, long days :)
The activities I had were: Embroidery, Celtic Tile Painting, Tie Dye, and Yoga.  I also snuck in on Duct Tape Tricks :) Which was just making things like wallets, flowers, headbands, and even mustaches on a stick :)

The food there was different... I had a difficult time most of the day, especially breakfast the first few days.
The only thing I could eat at breakfast was a STALE, HARD, FOAM-LIKE bagel.
I had to eat it plain until the third day I noticed they had jam.
That morning, I sat down on my chair and exclaimed to my table, "THEY HAVE JAM TODAY!"
They all looked at me with neutral expressions.
"They've always had jam."
".....and no one told me?"

The last two mornings, I chose to try crap-mock brand cereal.  Meaning, Cocoa Puffs, were Cocoa Ruus.
They were so GOOD!  But I think that was probably my taste buds crying tears of joy from not eating a bagel those two last good morning.

Besides breakfast, the best lunch I could have (and I sincerely looked forward to this meal every day because it was tasty) was a piece of bread (usually whole wheat or rye - I think it was rye I chose most days) with mustard and tomato slices with a side of beets and fries.
By the way, they only had dessert at this meal...

As for dinner, I foraged.
One of my last dinners was best.
It was pasta with sauce and beets and green olives from the salad bar.

Anyway, besides food and dancing...there were just all this AUSTRALIANS/Foreign guys.....
Nah, forget them :)

(Did I mention this camp we had rented out this year (also next year!) is a sports camp?! Yep...there was some good "sight seeing.")

On Friday, when I was picked up from camp, my parents and I went straight to Durham, NH.
We stayed at the Three Chimneys Inn. Just off Main Street.
We were on UNH campus.
I even saw the equine and dairy facilities :) (and others, but they weren't as important :)

We went to NH because that is where my family wants to live.
My parents want to retire there.
My mom wants to work at UNH.
My mom wants me to go to college there...
And my dad should be getting a job around there.

We looked at Durham, Lee, and Madbury first. Nope. Although, there was one AWESOME house that was RIGHT ACROSS from the UNH Dairy facility :)

Then, we looked at Stratham (we were going to move to Stratham four years ago but that never happened), Exeter, Epping, Newfields, Brentwood, Bedford, Dover, East Kingston, and Kensington.  (We were going to look at Hollis or Nashua but not anymore).
So, who knows where the hell I am going next :)

Next summer I am hoping to work at a Vet clinic or animal hospital or something like that around where I live.
Especially since Vet hospitals seem to be everywhere!  There are like Dunkin Donuts - they're everywhere!  There are probably more Vet hospitals per square feet than there are DD!
Happiness is near.

My parents also want chickens :)
I said I am naming on Sunflower seed.
Chickens remind me of seeds...
Don't ask why.

Why did she put Kittery, ME at the top of this post?
Well, we ended up in Kittery a few times :)
They had torn down a old bridge near Dover and are currently building a new one in Boston that is to be shipped up river around next January (this coming).

Besides travelling to Kittery, ME, we also went to our next favorite city (Boston's #1) of Portsmouth, NH.
We went there twice.
The first day we went there, we went on the Heritage boat and took a boat ride.  We went to Annabelle's Ice Cream shop (I obviously didn't get anything), and we ate at the Portsmouth Brewery.
I learned that the owners of the Brewery were vegetarians :)
I tried the beer my dad got (the restaurants own).  It tasted like dark chocolate with hints of coffee and fruit.
I had the Tempeh Reuben (the sauce was disappointing, but the TEMPEH was awesome!) with the vegetable of the day (don't know what it was, I didn't care).
They also had vegetarian pot pie and vegan sausage, and other things that looked amazing!

The next time we went, we went to The Flatbread Company (we always do) and I got the awesome Vegan pizza and the CHOCOLATE GLUTEN FREE VEGAN BROWNIE THAT WAS AMAZING.
I also had the No Boundaries salad and added sun-dried tomatoes, fire roasted corn, and black beans.
Do it.
Try it.

We also went to Newick's Lobster House in Dover.
Veggie Burger.

I've never had better vegan food (that I haven't made).
So happy.
Great vacation.

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