Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Pack

So, have I ever talked about PETA and my views on them?  Probably, I think I remember doing so vaguely...
Anyway, just to be super confusing, my mother and I, or at least me, are joining the PETA pack.
There are a few 5k/Half Marathon races over my birthday weekend, one in Machester, NH, Nerburyport, MA, and one in Shelburne,Vermont.
Now, let me fully tell you my views on PETA (I think I have them straight now) :  I think PETA can be annoying and pushy and can be too extreme, but I think they give good information and do good petitions for a lot of things.  I also think they are good resources to look to for recipes and help.
Furthermore, I kind of want to get into some animal activist activities, and a good place to start, is to run for PETA.
Although, I don't plan on doing fundraising for the run, but I am giving $35 :)
So overall, I am excited, even if I am embarrassed to tell any of my close friends because they all know how I feel about them (without the good feelings) :)

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