Monday, September 17, 2012

The Everyday Happy Herbivore Adaptation

Since I don't want to keep stuffing granola bars into my backpack for lunch, I decided I am going to make my own... Smart, huh? Ha!
I decided to do the Everyday Happy Herbivore granola bars.  Only, I didn't have chocolate chips or apple sauce, so I used three bananas and cacao nibs and coconut shreds with orange zest. The raw stuff tastes so good!  They are baking right now!
So that was my update for the day!
What do you like to put in your granola bars?

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Currently, I am trying to persuade my parents to let me sign up with either/both the PETA2 Movement (the Street Team) and the American Humane Association.
My dad is more compliant than my mom but really thinks PETA is ridiculous.  I agree, for the most part, but a lot of what they do is good.  And he is the one who brought up the alternative with the American Humane Association.
I am even looking in the ASPCA.
Anyway, what really is biting at me is this story about the University of Wisconsin-Madison animal testing.
It killed this cat during their experiment...I didn't watch it, I just read the headlines. I couldn't get past it.
I have had cats all my life, and now it's hitting home that I don't want that to happen to animal or human!
My mom has this aversion to me joining the PETA2 for religious reasons.  I love my religion and I believe in it wholeheartedly, but I have my reasons for this.
God gave us animals to eat and use for ethical/living reasons (clothing).  PETA2 states animals don't belong to us.
Many vegans/vegetarians say this.
Today, one of these blogs I follow, was talking how no long-time vegan should live by diet alone.  The definition of vegan is to live without animal products and live by the diet also.  She said that since she is a "veteran" of being a vegan/vegetarian for 10 years, she has no excuse to be living with animal tested products, clothing, ect. in her life.
That isn't fair to say, but off topic.
Point is, I know God gave us animals to eat and use, but our world is getting worse, and pain towards living beings is becoming worse.
We are becoming numb to the little creatures whose voices we don't understand or hear.
And this testing, it kills me now...I am so offended that animal testing is allowed on a college campus!
It's just sad.
Animal testing is wrong.  Stop using chemicals that are harmful.  Then you wouldn't need to test things with such high death possibilities.
Let's not get started on factory farming either.
Overall, my reasons are simple: What I want to do, what I want people to know is, that we are doing stupid, stupid things.  Things that harm everyone.  People can't just turn a blind eye.  I know we all do it everyday, even to other human-beings, but we can't do that in our day and age.  It just makes our world worse.
There are these articles of vegan clothing out there that say things like "No one was harmed in the making of my food/clothing," but I laugh because many meat eaters are going to make fun, saying, "The plants were harmed.  They are living things!  Trees give you air!  Don't cut them down!" and things along those lines.
It isn't safe to wear those shirts, they just jeopardize what we are trying to say.  We make ourselves targets of the perfect, and true jokes.
I don't wish to be that vegan that wears shirt to stuff in your face.  I don't want to come off as an ass.
But there are some shirts I'd want to wear.  "Free for All" or "Eat Like You Give a Damn."  Things that aren't so harsh.
At least these shirts might spark up a nicer conversation.  Maybe the conversation would last longer before a fight.
Anyway, these are just some thoughts that have been going through my head all morning...The highlights of my day: One step closer to become an animal activist and maybe my house will sell today :) Oh! And I made a huge salad at Whole Foods!  I stuffed the box with anything and everything!  You wouldn't even think it would go together :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happiness Is...

I can't tell you guys how good everything has been lately!  The only downsides are: Not learning German in school and still living in the same place...
Anyway, there are so many highlights that it's just overwhelming!  Well, not to me, but to probably anyone who reads this.
For example, I'm in a completely new school and I love it!
My biology teacher is so cool.  She loves animals and she is a Boston native so I have plenty to talk about with her (even Chutters in Littleton, NH).
Furthermore, my goal is to finally learn how to canter and learn the basics of horse care while I am still at my current barn because I don't want to look like an idiot in a new place who doesn't know anything or is an amateur (I know I am, but still...).
Anyway, school's great.  So close to college! The feeling that it is just around the corner is exhilarating.
While I am at my current school, I might try to get into the University Program for the Medical and Science.  I know my plans for the future might change, but I truly hope they don't.  I am in love with the ideas I've had.  I am working so hard to reach them.  I want it right now so badly!
My idea: Major in Bio, minor in Pre-Vet and German or Literature.  (Lit. if I can do German outside of school).
TUFTS is the goal! Then Leipzig :) Yes, Germany...
I have even been looking into Study Abroad programs that I can do now, and I might want to do that maybe over a summer.
As you can see, school's exciting.
Moving on.
I do try not to talk about religion too much on this blog because I know it might turn some people away, but I must say, I have been blessed in so many ways!  And the opportunities that I am finding are abundant!
There are a few animal sanctuaries an hour or so away from my home, and I want to go to them.
There's a wolf preserve, wildlife sanctuary, and a few others.
Over the past few weeks, I just keep falling more and more in love with what I am becoming.
I love the idea of helping animals.  I feel like that is what I've been becoming my whole life.  Literally.
There are some petitions I'd like to sign with PETA, like the "No Harm To Animals In This Movie" or whatever, but I wish I didn't need to sign my name.  The government already knows my name anyway.
Also, I've been cooking a lot with steamed frozen veggies and I can create pretty good stuff if I do say so myself. (Recipes below)
Also, I honestly want to blog more.  I know I keep saying that, it's just that I am frustrated I can't share everything I eat and do with you!  But hopefully, I can do that soon.  Truly, I want to.
I am also trying to make this blog sound more my age, because I have been very disappointed with how I have written on this blog since the beginning because that is just not how I write.  It's embarrassing.

Stir-Fry 1
Needed :
Mixed (or not) Frozen Veggies (Peas, Carrots, Corn, Broccoli, Cauliflower, ect.)
Sesame and/or Peanut Oil or Chile Oil
Sriracha Sauce
Soy Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Garlic sauteed in Olive oil or whatever oil that is listed above (optional)
Sauteed Spinach (optional)
Rice Cooked with Veggie broth

Cook rice with veggie broth and sesame or peanut oil.
Meanwhile, steam frozen veggies.
Then, in a big bowl, put the salt, pepper, soy sauce, sriracha, sesame or peanut oil, and garlic.  After everything is done, put it all together and then make some more sauce.
Love this hot or cold.

Notes: If you put the sesame oil in with the rice with the veggie broth, put in the peanut oil in the mixture later (when you are putting it all together).  It adds a really nice nuttiness and I just love it!

Stir-Fry II
Snow peas
Green beans
Roasted/Raw peanuts
Soy Sauce
Sriracha Sauce
Amy's California Veggie Burger
Steamed Broccoli

Alright, chop everything (except rice :).  Cook the rice with veggie broth (as usual).  Then, saute garlic and ginger in sesame oil in a large skillet.  After, add celery and green beans and broccoli and the frozen veggie burger(s).  Then, add snow peas, lettuce, spinach, scallions.  Put the lid over the skillet and let steam until veggie burgers are light in color and everything is bright green.
Mix and add the peanuts.  They are so good together!