Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally Meeting Some MAJOR Goals

First of all, I will be blogging more next week!  No school, see?
Anyway, while I have not been blogging, I have been cooking non-stop.
Not only did I throw down a bunch! of Happy Herbivore recipes out of the book, but I met my three Vegan hopes after I turned.
- Mac and Cheese (Baked, wanted an almost-exact replica of my friend Colleen's)
- Mashed Potatoes
- Chocolate Chip Cookies

AH!  I was so happy when I made these.  Remember Brandy?  Remember how she doesn't like Vegan/healthier food (she doesn't eat well...)?  Well, I gave one of each cookie to my teacher and she liked them a lot.  She even said they didn't taste any different from a normal cookie!
Happy Days...
Also the Mac and Cheese came from the 30-Day Vegan Challenge.  Boy, I need that book soon.  The mac and cheese was amazing!  I made the baked version so I could have it taste like Colleen's...
It was just like how I remembered!

Finally, I just, as in just, made these potatoes.
They were part of the St. Patrick's Day stagger.
They were amazing plus they were with a mushroom gravy!
Those recipes came from Robin Robertson's 1000 Vegan Recipes which I hope to finish in the next four years.

So the past few weeks have been all about dance, and I am finally catching a break.  Meaning, I don't have it five/six times a week and don't have any performances on the weekend.
I am back to regular classes and don't plan on doing any of the feisanna for a while, unless the MA one...but the judging wasn't great last year even though people loved the hotel.

So yesterday was horse day.  I rode Mojo.  Mojo was different.  Extremely different.
Here's how I see it:
Jersey Girl - Stubborn.
Phantom of the Opera - Lazy but Obedient.
Mojo - Prankster but Obedient.

Mojo is also a pony.  Maybe two-thirds Phantom's size.  I was to say Phantom is between fourteen-fifteen hands but that might be too much.  Anyway, Mojo is pretty small, also meaning that his strides are shorting, "quicker" as it feels, and his neck is longer.
All opposites of Phantom's stride and body.
And Mojo's skinny, but since I gave Phantom four sugar cubes yesterday, Mojo will get fatter too...
I almost fell out four times yesterday.
New record!
But my instincts are getting sharper and more prepared for a fall.
At one point, Mojo faltered in hole.
Another time Mojo had an itch (Actually this happened twice) and quickly stopped to put his head down and scratch his leg - I almost fell out as I jerked forward.
Finally, Mojo tripped again, and fell forward to the side (right, outside leg).  This time, as my left foot came out of the stirrup and I tilted to the side, I grabbed the bridle then pulled myself up and literally hugged Mojo who was standing still in half-seat.
It was a ride to remember.
Bounce, bounce, bounce....
It didn't help Mojo's quirks are stopping in corners or standing in the middle of the ring and stopping (he did not stop in the center, just refused to stay trotting near the gate corners or by my instructor.
I did love him though, but I need to get used to him.
Also, there was a three-way conversation between me, my instructor, and a little girl cleaning her horse.
We were talking about what Mojo was, and my instructor says I hit it right on the dot: a Rogue Teddy Bear.
Ha, can't wait till next week.

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