Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Beliefs

Finally posting because I have something meaningful to share. Also, I finally got a phone where I can blog wherever.
Anyway, I have a photo blog where I had almost 300 followers. Its pictures are of things I have talked about here in the past.
Also, here on this Blogspot blog, I believe I have told you about my beliefs as a vegetarain and how I had originally set out to live primarily as a vegetarian and also eat the meat I myself would have killed.
Now, today, on this blog, I posted a picture of my hunting gloves.
With that picture, I used the hashtag #veganhunter.
One of my followers commented and we had a conversation like this:
He: "What is a vegan hunter?"
Me: "Someone who set out to be vegan and hunt for their own food. I wanted to do this because I feel hunting is the most humane way if you do this yourself. Only, this idea never happened."
Then someone else came.
She: "What do you mean?"
Me: "I mean I was going to go hunting and eat my own meat and live mainly as a vegetarian but the hunting never happened."
She: "Thanks for explaining :)"
He: "Thanks for listening and explaining. I now must unfollow you because it does not go with vegan ideas or with my heart for you killing animals. Thanks for promoting vegetarianism and humane slaughter. For it is the best hunters/humane killers can do."

So, after seeing my number of followers go down by one, it made me unsettled. Unsettled because I do live a vegan lifestyle to the best of my ability, and no vegan is perfect. As for my beliefs, they might be frowned upon and may veer away slightly from "true vegan" beliefs, but my goal is the same: Stop the animal torture and pain.
For me, even though I've never hunted, killkng an animal would put you in a position where you must humble yourself and respect the animal that will help you survive. Also, it brings you back to the roots of mankind.
Anyway, I was also sad he unfollowed me just because I'm open and accepting of hunting.
My photo blog only posts my vegan meals and life. Why can't we live with the knowledge that I believe something different?
Our goals our the same. Just how we get their might be different.

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