Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two In One Day! What???!!!

Crazy. I know!
But I have some new stuff going on that I didn't want to write in the other post.

Here's what's new:
- Won't be able to continue dancing if/when I move (meaning, no Worlds :( )
- 4+ cookbooks!
- Going to take up Crew/Rowing (I am small/light enough to be the Coxswain :)
- Ride more often
- Focusing on directing my classes in terms of Biology, Chem. (I want to go to college to be a Vet or some type of Forensic scientist)
- Need to take German outside of school :(
- Need to take French in school
- Trying to get rid of crap food (Oreos, Chex Mix, ect.....)
- Training for a 5k :)
- Training to be a true runner with my mother (Ha! That rhymes!)

So...I have a new life.  A new beginning.
This is all so exciting!
Soon, I will be in a new town.
I want to just exercise more and just keep going!
Need to get healthier.
I want to go raw for a month.
Goodness, I don't know what else to say.
I am just so excited and maybe I will blog more.
One of my lifetime goals is to make a cookbook.
And one of my friends likes to make fun of me and says we should make a "David Garrett" cookbook (meaning, German Vegan food and some New York highlights :).

Is there anything else I need to say?
I am planning on seeing the Earthlings documentary soon, and UNITY when it comes out.
Also, I want to read many different food documentary books, as well.  Such as Fast Food Nation, Food Politics, ect.

I just want to get "Foodecated!" 

Also, finally, I just want to say I learned the truth about why we shouldn't have leather.  It's just so awful that I can't bear to post about it on this blog.  It's just so sad.
I can't wear synthetic leather when riding though... :( It'll hurt the horse.

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