Sunday, July 29, 2012

Team USA!

I cannot stress this enough: I LOVE the Summer Olympics!
Not only can I relate to more of the sports, but I know more names of the Olympians.
I don't care for skiing, even though my family says I was a natural at it when I first tried it in NH.
Now, I already have scheduled that all Equestrian events will be recorded in case I miss any.
I also really wanted to see if Mitt Romney's Rafalca and rider, Jane Ebeling, do their "horse ballet" (Dressage).
The other events I have been watching are: Cycling, Shooting, Archery, Rowing, Gymnastics, Swimming, and well, whatever's on :)

So as you can see, I am enjoying this year's Olympics very much, and I can also say, Thank you Britain! That was the best opening ceremony that I can remember!
(As the ceremony was going on, Brandy and I were talking on the phone, and I said, "I love Mr. Bean! I can now truly say, I am SO proud to be English!)
It was a truly awesome start to the Olympics Summer 2012.

Besides the Olympics, yesterday was a very fun day for my family and I.
I had $150 from my birthday still, so we went to Dover Saddlery near my house and another consignment shop not far from Dover.
First, we went out to eat to a Mexican restaurant I found.  I had the most amazing salad! It was their House Salad and it had lettuce, black beans, fire roasted corn, a lemon-lime vinaigrette, and I ordered some guacamole to come with it.  It was great. Plus, we were the only people there and the place had just opened for the day so the free chips were warm :)

Then, after, we went to the consignment shop to see if we could get what I wanted there for cheap.
The list for the day was:
Kerrits Full Seat Supreme in Tan
New helmet that is good for showing
Half Chaps
Tall Boots to try on

At the consignment shop, we bought Zocks (they are so cozy!), IRH ATH Black Velvet Helmet, Ariat Breeze Half Chaps in black, and black Synthetic EquiStar Paddock Boots.
The boots and socks were extra, but apparently I was not allowed to ride with black pants, black chaps, and brown paddock boots ;(
And by the way, the synthetic leather was not on purpose!

When we got to Dover, we had to first get some Electrolytes for the horses at the barn because we were doing a favor for our friends at the barn :)
Then, we went to try on tall boots.
They also, sadly, did not have the pants :((
I didn't fit in ANY boots! Ha ha
My calves are too big!
There was one boot, and this one fit but it was hard to get on, and it was the Ariat Challenge boot.
My right leg was so numb by the time we got the left one on!
It felt so good to have both on. It was great.

In the end, it was a great day!

As for today, I was riding on a new horse, and he is so sweet! His name is shaved on his butt :)
Next week, I will probably be riding another horse too.
Did I mention I was starting to canter?
It's all just so exciting!
I can't stand it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some New Things

First of all, I just want to say, that I am not going to elaborate on Nationals.  I am too sad.
Nationals was two days this year, and the first day was SO AWESOME! My school took home so many awards!  My ceili got 1st and our freestyle group got 2nd, but our school took home all places in the freestyle (all 5!).
Also, my hard shoes were still not broken in when I got to Nationals, but while I was backstage, waiting for our freestyle to be called, I scraped them on the floor and they worked perfectly!
That day couldn't have been better!
I also couldn't have felt more confident about the solos the next day.

Solo day.
I once again didn't eat really anything at all!
The day before I could only get half a banana down, if that!
Solo day, I had two Twizzlers and something else not very good - probably half a banana again...
Anyway, my number was 462.
I danced alone on solos.
As there were 13 girls in my category.
I don't understand why I didn't do well!
I thought I did VERY well in my reel and I thought I did good in my treble jig.
I do understand though, that I probably killed any chance of placing during my hornpipe.  I didn't have the right rhythm...I absolutely HATE live music.
The day before they had a computer playing music you'd hear in class, at the speeds you dance too.

So I went home crying.
I cried for these reasons:

  • We're expecting to move away from here; this could have been my last feis..even if right now that doesn't seem true sadly...Still praying fiercely. 
  • I wanted to be a Prizewinner.
  • I thought I had done well enough to have placed. 
  • All my practice for a Participating trophy! (I got others...but from groups...a group effort)
That's all I'm going to say.

On to some happier topics.

  • Raw pine nuts taste like the fat from bacon.
  • I have more cookbooks, plus pre- ordered others.
  • For the back to school shopping, all clothes will be organic! Maybe even my backpack, and def my makeup, ect. (except for riding gear).
  • This Sat. my parents and I will be going to Dover Saddlery a little ways from my home :) (I hope to get half chaps (I was looking at two Ariat ones), Kerrits Fullseat Supreme pants in tan so I can compete, and Ariat Heritage Medium Zip Tall Boots, and a new helmet (mine is SO ugly and useless...).  The helmet will be velvet or something that I can compete in. 
By the way, one of the classes I will be taking this next year or the next few, will be a cooking class! I am SO excited!

So that's it. 
Did I mention I am semi in the market for a horse? Once we move I can look more, even if I won't be getting one right away.  Oh! I saw one Warmblood that has the perfect names that I'd want for my own horse.
Show name: As You Wish
Name: Westley
As you can see, The Princess Bride is my favorite movie.
Anyway, the things I was looking for in a horse is the following: 
  • Warmblood
  • Gelding
  • Under 12 years old, preferably 11
  • 15.2 hands or higher
  • In this country
  • Has a good personality
  • Doesn't spook easily
  • Can jump, W/T/C
  • Healthy
  • Not an Appy.  (I don't want a horse going blind :( )
  • Likes a lot of attention 
So I know I am new to the horse market, and have 0 experience, but these were the things that I picked up on while exploring.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A New Goal

Over the past few days, Nationals camp has begun!  And now, as a Novice, I must do a hornpipe set, a reel set, and a treble jig set.  Furthermore, I am in an 8-hand called Trip To The Cottage.  And finally, I am doing a group freestyle too!  It has been going well, but some people (the few junior champions we have and some new prizewinners) are having trouble.

This Summer, I have been working at the barn a lot, and I have learned so much in the short time I have started helping out there.  One embarrassing this is, is that I know no basics whatsoever about horse care/handling.  I had no idea how to put a halter on or how to shower a horse. But I learned these things. I just hope I can remember :)

Now, for the reason I am posting, here is the news:
The other day, while I was at the barn, I was talking to a girl who just got a new horse from Germany (a dappled gray German Sport Horse) and a boy who is my friend and major helper.  He was saying something about getting free ice cream, but then said, "Oh wait, you can't eat it..." And so I asked, "Why not?"
"Oh, I'm a vegan."
I felt my eyes get wide, "REALLY?  I AM TOO!" (I was really excited)
"Really?  How long?"
and you can guess how the rest went on, but I asked her another question a few days later:
"Are you going to wear all organic clothing?"
"Yeah, I am trying to slowly change everything to organic."
"But what about saddles and your riding boots?"
"I can't do that, because synthetic saddles can hurt horses because they bend/mold so easily and can hurt his back.  So, everything but riding items."

Hearing this, made me think: "Do I want to go fully vegan?"
Well, on Friday night, I watched "Forks Over Knives" and am currently reading, "Please Don't Eat The Animals," so I have all the more reasons to live a vegan life. I want to get rid of fish, but I need to try eating more dark leafy greens and have a bunch of recipes for Kale and such.  My goal is to live a vegan life within the next 3-4 years.
The only thing is, is that there are some things that will not be vegan, such as: my horseback riding life, Irish dance shoes, my bow, some clothing, and a few other things, but nothing major.
Oh yeah, furniture...that stays same?
So I got really excited about this, and I hope I can achieve it!