Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are You Mocking Me?

Well, once again I am an unfaithful blogger, but at least I blog sometimes :)

So far, I have done at least six more recipes, and more are coming up!

I am making Soft Pretzels tomorrow for the season of Lent.

So today I was working at the barn again.

My second time and it was awesome!

Last time, the first time, I had just mucked the wash stalls (standing for the first five minutes like a mindless moron who didn't know what they were doing...but I should cut myself a little slack since it was my first time...), cleaned a saddle, and learned how to wash a horse.

While I had been in the first wash stall, Phantom was looking at me, so I naturally asked, "Are you mocking me?"

He probably was.
(BTW my instructor wants me to canter soon!  I have been riding for almost four years so this is really awesome!  I have never cantered and then the next time we go up to Mt. Washington, I can do the advanced trail ride :)

This time though, it was a lot more fun.

I groomed Phantom, watched someone put medicine on his hocks (they had cuts on them), helped feed the horses their hay and grain, turned Phantom out, and cleaned the tack/trainer's tack, and A.V. "house."
It was so much fun!

Poor Phantom doesn't like to be alone without a horse named Rosco near him, so we couldn't put him in his stall.

During all of this, another working student, who called me the "Rookie," quizzed me on how much horses/ponies should be fed, the names of the horses at the barn, and where they lived in what order.

So next weekend is supposed to be more barn painting, and I plan on helping out again on Sat. to help move the jumps to the outer field and whatever else needs to be done.

Anyway, just now my family and I made pizzas.
My pizza was spinach, Daiya Mozz., tomatoes, and sauteed whitecap mushrooms.
Really good.

Sadly, tomorrow I am not making anything Easter related except the pretzels...:(
Happy Easter!