Monday, January 30, 2012

Do You Really Know PETA?

A Man's Best Friend

(Article above, last para. PETA)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
People Eating Tasty Animals.

Which do you prefer?

Anyway, that link/article above is a sad story about a man who laid his pup to rest and then committed suicide himself.  He seems to have felt sorry that he lived in an apartment because his dog and him were abused and harassed by neighbors.
The dog was his best friend.
It was not a pit bull.
It just had the looks of one.

You hear all these stories about how pit bulls are angry, ugly, vicious, fighting dogs, but they aren't.  
It is how they are raised, how people treat them, that make them think that life is all about fighting and snarling.
They are dogs.
All dogs can do that.  Not just pit bulls.
But does PETA understand that?
Apparently not.

What they are doing is like sending a homeless adult or child away from your door!  They need your help!
But instead, you kill them or turn them away.
Oh wait, you killed them.
Not turn them away.

And not only do they kill pit bulls, but how many animals in their shelters are actually adopted, not killed??

(The following articles/websites conclude this post)

101 Dalmatians.


Not to sound angry, but I am.  PETA lies. 
They are not our animals saviors.
Or at least, in one of the most important places.

Did they sign with Obama to send wild horses to slaughter houses? 
Just dump your unwanted horses starving on the back of a truck to be killed in Mexico for the little bits of meat they have.
But even before that, they are shoved into corrals and can just barely squeeze against the other horse-bodies next to them for breath.
That is where PETA needs to be.
With animals that really do need help.
Does anyone have the app that counts the number of animals killed every minute or so?
Why would you want that?
That is so disturbed! 

I've been believing in something so distant
As if I was human
And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness 
In me, in me

All the promises I made

I have nothing left

We've been falling for all this time

Friday, January 27, 2012

What Do You Eat When You're Sick?

Today I was "sik."  It is gross.  At least though, we have medicine in pill form to save me from a tissue-overload!  Ahhh!!
That'd be gross.
Anyway!  When I woke up, I thought I was going to school.  So I made a bowl of cereal with almond milk and dried cranberries.
Later, when I didn't go to school, I made CCK Chocolate Oatmeal.  The sad thing is, is that I had unsweetened cocoa so it was kind of bitter, but I did try to sweeten it with some extra chocolate chips (I didn't think of those though until I was one-third of the way through the bowl), agave, and sugar.
I made it extra thick, though.  Just how I like it :)
So what does one do on their day off because of sickness besides cook?
I read Specials by Scott Westerfeld.
I played Skyrim and am now part of the Dark Brotherhood.  (Assassins) It is pretty disturbed but I am only in it because of a horse you get :))
Furthermore, I did nothing.
I was curled up on a couch with Magical Unicorn PillowPet :))
I also watch Downton Abbey.  The best show ever. 
I hope I get better soon :( By Sunday preferably because I don't and can't afford to miss another horse lesson or I will go crazy.  More or less so.
More good news:  I got Catching Fire to read soon.
So excited.
Oh yeah!  Back to cooking.
I also just made some more rice, beans, celery, with turmeric, cayenne, dried cilantro, and cumin.
Warm and Spicy.
Two things I have been needing all day to get better.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jockey to the Fair

I finally got it!  I just need to get the timing down pat.  The timing was my problem.  I am getting better!  YES!
Three more weeks.
Six more practices.
 Ten more hours.
Anyway, the dress is going to be sent on Friday.  So excited!

Being Tired Has Its Downsides....

For example, I was "missing" part of my retainer since yesterday morning and have been looking for it, since a few minutes ago.
So this is how my mornings usually go:  I wake up all groggy and such, waddle down the hall to the bathroom, and go to brush my teeth.  Now, I usually put my retainer on the container before I put it away, but yesterday, I forgot to.  Furthermore, this has happened before, well, to the point I almost forget to put it away, but I didn't notice I didn't have it till last night.
Anyway, now my mom found it in a cup where my toothbrush goes...
Overall, the point of that story was to tell you how exhausted I was.

Second today, I just made some rice, salsa, and black beans.  That was good.
Dance is only for an hour tonight, and another good news for dance is:  My family might go to see Lord of the Dance!  Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  (one of the dancers who will be one of the lead's this time around, was one of my teachers and is once and a while)

Some Vegan news (or just plain old food news):  I read in an article about a few food lies.  As in, when it comes to "natural" you might be eating crushed bugs for your "natural" food coloring.
Furthermore, aside from the article, (if I can find the article again I will post it, but it was on my dad's Facebook page) Tostitos don't seem to have any preservatives in them.  I just looked them up to be sure, and I couldn't find anything!  I am actually pretty shocked.  They seem like the are crap because I and my family feel sick after eating them...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Aftermath and Tears

Looks about right, right?
I need to start with the tears because the overwhelming feeling of regret and sadness for two people, maybe even three people, who aren't real but only characters of the most amazing trilogy in the world.  Yes, it is definitely safe to say that.
I can't ruin the end for anyone, but as I sit next to my mother who has taken away the book from me because she too has been sucked in, I wait anxiously to be able to talk to her about my pain and love for this book!
I haven't felt this way since I finished the third book of the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain.  I am stuck on the third book :(
Does anyone else have those stomach-churning moments when they read a book with a romance that just keeps accumulating then completely drops with a cliff hanger?
I am barely holding onto that cliff with only my nails scraping away any skin that lies between the rock and my bone.
Three character triangle.  Ergh.

Moving on...
The Aftermath of yesterday's fall.
Ah, the pain and soreness of today are relished with no complaint.  Although, I do enjoy telling people about it because I loved it so much and so I bring it up by saying things like, "Am I walking funny?"
And apparently I am.
My friends all brought to my attention that I looked like I limping.  I then asked Brandy which side I limping on.
"You seem to be favoring your right side.  Ya know, putting all your weight on there."
Well Brandy, that's because my left side of my butt is all achy.
I truly don't mind, but sitting down, let alone getting up from a couch, is somewhat difficult.
I also learned today, again from Brandy, that injuring you butt also can affect your back.
This was learned because I said my back was very sore today when I got out of bed.
When I tried to get up this morning, I felt the wind was slightly knocked out of me.
Anyway, I am looking forward to what next week brings and I need to get through Specials by Scott Westerfeld by Thursday at the latest. (I can rip through his books as though they were a picture).  I need to get to Catching Fire before my mom and I go insane, and trust me, I am having difficulty keeping my sanity.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is Why You Wear a Helmet.

Happy Sunday!

No recipes :((
No Vegetarian news :((

Irish dance news?
Well, there is still only the dress.  Strange woman who is selling...


I went over more poles today. Ha HA.
One step closer to a jump!
LOVE Jumping.

Exhilarating.  a Rush.  Fun.

Hey, has anyone ever heard the saying, "The hardest part about riding is the ground?"
Well, I once again experienced it today, and I gotta say, I am getting the hang of how to fall in different circumstances and ways.

I have fallen three, four times and it has only been the first time that was scary and actually threatening.
Because the horse got spooked and reared and started hysterically running around our one-and-a-half-man length area.
Furthermore, my helmet and I have been through a lot.  My helmet has saved me every time and it now carries many "scars" or "memories" if you will.

Anyway, when I fell today, I would have ranked this as my 2nd best fall.
This is how it went:
Once upon a time, on a snowy day in an indoor riding ring, Phantom and I went back and forth from trotting to walking.  Then, I don't even remember asking if I was just trying to trot, preparing for a walk or a sitting trot, or if I was just so into it that I bounced right out of the saddle!
My falls are categorized into two titles: Comical or Graceful.
It seems that my comical ones are always on my own two feet and the graceful are on something else.  In this case, the fall was Graceful.
Now, it is really amazing how fast our minds can react.
So when I started to fall, my mind had never been so clear!  In fact, my first thought was, "Grab the bridle."  Then, "No!  What if Phantom fell on me?  Or the saddle fell with me?"
Before I hit the ground, my helmet hit the wall and made a loud thud. 
It didn't hurt.  Or at least, the pain has not yet, or never will, be registered. 
Next, when I hit the ground, my instructor said my face was like, "Why am I down here?"
But I did stand right up after that with a throbbing pain in my butt.
To continue, my lesson went on happily.  My parents dusting the dirt off my side until I was clean enough to get into the car.
Good news is though, I am very close to a summer job.  :D
Phantom and I are gonna be even better friends :)
Maybe Jersey will like me too....
After all, the key to a horses' heart, is through food.
Right now, I am sitting with Magical Unicorn.  My first and only PillowPet.
Why do I have a P.P.?
Because all I asked for from my friends for my birthday were stuffed horses :P

Wait!  Before I wrap up, I do have a Vegan update: I have only done 20 recipes out of 175... What a slap in the face!  It felt like so much more!  Grr... I need to do more again.
Then, I also did the pancake recipe again yesterday for lunch and this time I managed five out of six pancakes.
I suppose again that I ate a pancake's worth of batter... I held out for so long too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

They are FINALLY Here...

Granola Bars pg. 23 (Picture 2)

Notes: Regular recipe is great on it's own :))

Neapolitan Smoothie pg. 14 (Picture above)

Notes: Easy and good 

Basic Tofu Scramble pg. 28 (Picture 7)

Notes: Really Good.  I put in Pinto Beans and celery.  My dad and I loved it.  Can't tell the difference between eggs and tofu.

Dark Chocolate Pancakes pg. 43 (Picture 6)

Notes: I made 3 large was supposed to make 6.  The only two explanations are either I didn't measure right, or I ate three pancakes worth of batter...  I also ate these with the raspberry jam.

Chocolate Spice Muffins pg. 51 (Picture 4)

Notes: These are adorable and very good.  I ate a considerable amount of these within only a few days.  There were a dozen, and I ate six one day... :))

Bella Tacos pg. 91 (Picture 3)

Notes: Best. Tacos. Ever.

Taco Sauce pg. 293 (Picture 5)

Notes: Great with everything 

Fried Bananas pg. 259 (Picture 9)

Notes: They are okay-good if done correctly...

CCK Nutella 

Notes: Better than the "real" stuff. 

Yes!  I finally did it!  Good.  I need to see how many recipes I have left because it seems about half way if not a little more.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My dress!!!!

Yep, X1654 from is my dress.  :D and better yet, I will have it in time for the feis!  She is packing it as we speak!
Sigh of relief.
Next thing.
I might make waffles tomorrow if we get snow.
Where I am, we are supposed to get 3-6 inches.
Nice and cozy!
I will make the Dark Chocolate Pancakes that I still haven't reviewed yet on here -tis tis me.
Hey, so the Nutella is gone now too :((
For dinner, I had four of my special tacos :))
Black beans, Green Mt. Salsa (medium), Corn Tortillas, and Daiya Mozz. Cheese.  YUM
It really is a great combo.  You just really got to try it.

Off topic a minute,
the weather channel has really pretty music when it is showing the satellite map....

Is there anything else I need to say...
No :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Pumped Up Kicks

Dress X1654 is to be my dress.  :D This is so exciting!  And I hope, I should, have it before the upcoming feis on Feb. 18.

Not only with this hopefully up my points on presentation/appearance, but this will be my first small feis - meaning, Nationals (my first feis) was really big :).
I have the whole year too to get up past my current level Novice, and Prizewinner and hopefully be a Junior Champion within the next four years.
This way, I will be able to qualify for World's :))
Yes, it is one of the many dreams of every (competitive) Irish dancer.  And one of my goals within the next four years.
Imagine if I qualified by the end of the Summer?
Right before World's?
It is possible.  After all, I have been moving up consistently within these past few feis' I have been in.
But I don't think, or maybe I know, I wouldn't be able to dance at that level.
A World Championship level.
Anyway, dance again tonight.
Then, double practice starting this week for an upcoming dance event.
What else was I going to say...
Well, Corn Tortillas are good warm with cold Amy's Black Bean Soup :))
Anyone else reading the Hunger Games?
I don't really like Peeta right now, but everyone is telling me I will hate Gale next book. :((
Furthermore, in the what-I'm-reading subject, I got my first Horse Illustrated magazine today that was one of  my Christmas gifts. <3
Then, cacao nibs are also good with that Oats/Craisin/Cinnamon mix I love so much.  Only, with the Cacao nibs, they stick to the crowns of your back teeth and leave a chocolate covered raisin taste.
I don't mind, but those of you who didn't/did like that combo, won't want cacao drops from Sunspire in their's :))

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am a Bad Blogger

I never posted this past weekend!  And it is even more shaming that I had a three day weekend!  Gr.  Well, since I still haven't posted pictures and reviews, I will at least give two recipes :):
Flowery Smoothie (The word flowery just literally popped into my head)
1 c frozen/thawed-ish strawberries
1/2 a frozen/thawed banana
1/2-1 c Quick Oats
1 - 2 Small handfuls of Cacao Nibs (I used Sunspire)
A few icecubes (Optional)
1/4 Unsweetend Almond Milk

Blend and Serve

Note: I finally used some of the Cacao nibs that have been sitting in my baking drawer :)

I made homemade Nutella.  Only, it is better than Nutella.
It is healthier.
Lower in calories/fat.
No crap-ingredients.
And it is just really good.
My dad and I have started eating it.
It is almost half gone already after making it two days ago.

Did you know roasted hazelnuts seem to either taste like "Nutella" or popcorn?
Yes, I was eating some when they came out of the oven while I skinned them.

So good.
CCK is helping fulfill my dream of eating a "whole" container of Nutella :))

dance is tonight and maybe tomorrow too.  I hope not though because I am exhausted.
(Got too excited about some snow and ice accumulation warnings)

Next recipe.
Another TACO!

1 corn tortilla, warmed
A small handful of Daiya Mozzarella
Some lettuce
Black Beans, your choice of how much
Some Green Mountain Gringo Medium Salsa

Put it all together and eat!
I had two.
They were really, really good.
They are a little messy...
Feel free to comment about what eating tactic you used to get it all down :)
I went from all sides.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bored. Again.

Set Fire to the Rain <3 favorite song by Adele.  Even if she drives me crazy if I listen to her over and over, I thought I needed to listen to her now.
I don't know why so don't ask.
Let's talk about wishes.  Random ones.  Not really important ones.

To start -
I wish I could eat a whole thing of peanut butter, dark chocolate peanut butter, and cinnamon peanut butter by Peanut Butter Co.
I wish I could eat a whole thing of Veganized-Nutella.
Or a whole thing of raw Happy Herbivore's Dark Chocolate Pancake batter that is supposed to make six pancakes but instead made three large ones for me with Raspberry jam on top.
I wish I could spend a whole day riding.
Sleep till 11 A.M. going to bed at nine or nine-thirty as usual.
Maybe have it snow for a week straight (snow accumulating of course with no school ;)
For my hard shoes to magically break in when I step into them. - took me three years for my first pair.
For scratches, bruises that you don't want to transform into scars to heal on a whim.
For yeast not to haunt me so much.
TO SLEEP when I want - nap and not need to wait till night/pitch black.
What else...I have an hour to kill...
My shoulder to not give out so quickly when I shoot my bow.
For me to do thirty sit-ups without laying down/stopping.
Grrr..........this is boring and those who follow this blog are probably annoyed at my random-not-needed posts.  Sorry.
One last wish...
Eat a whole thing of 365 Whole Foods Vegan Chocolate Chips.
Yep.  Those are good wishes.

Miss Me?

Sadly, this post will not have any pictures, but some other foodie-dance-random related this.
I have had many Happy Herbivore recipes in the past...whatever time period from the last post.  In fact, I just made one and happily ate it.  The serving was very large to my small appetite but I couldn't help myself to put it in another container for another day!  The second serving, I'm afraid, is going to have to be made into a third serving.  The "afraid" part, is my laziness speaking.  Sigh.
Well, besides that, I had dance last night.  And last week too.  :) My blister from November is still slowly healing along with a bruise on the opposite foot and just two days ago, my other toe started to hurt on the blistered foot and now, I must suck it up because it kills to walk but I strangely have no idea what happened to it.  Stupid Advil doesn't work either...Humph.
Still haven't watch Christ McCandless yet...
OH!  I had my first PB&J this past weekend on a Youth Group retreat on a blueberry bagel type thing... AMAZING.  My new favorite two-condiment sandwich :)
Also, I have started using Nutritional Yeast!  Only, my fear still plagues me to the point of using Latex Gloves when I do...I look so stupid.
Anyway, what else...I got taller :)
And I think I am more than half way done with the Happy Herbi. cookbook.
Back to dance though.
I have it again tonight and we are going to learn White Blanket, a set dance that will be needed for levels higher than Novice which I am currently in.
Our next competition is on Feb. 18.
I am still looking for a dress.  So frustrating!  I am thinking about getting a custom made on though.
And by the way, I suck at Jockey to the Fair.  My rhythm just disappears when I do it.
Hey, has anyone heard about the new TLC show coming out in the summer called, Tween Irish Dancers?
The producer called my teacher to ask her and our school to be on it.  She said no because she wouldn't do that to us unless we went and emailed the producer ourselves.
I looked into it last night.
It screams Toddlers and Tiaras + Dance Moms = Tween Irish Dancers.
The show will probably make the guys look gay.
The girls bratty.
And the dance, which they call, "Irish Jig Dancing," look stupid and snobby.
The just turned many peoples passion, look like complete scum.
At first, I was really excited.  I would only have done it if I got paid (Save up for college and beyond that), but then again, I don't really have time for a TV stalking me.
They will take all the good I say, and make it sound like I am cussing behind the camera and putting all the crap I didn't stop myself from saying, and put that in place of all the good.
The also say our dance costumes look strange.
That we have only "tween" dancers, but really, we have dancers from the ages of 3-80.
Who wants to watch that show now?
They already have 8 episodes recorded :D
(Sense the sarcasm)
Moving on!
I finally tried it.
The Mozzarella though.
It is fantastic.
Throw some Portobello mushrooms, lettuce, Happy Herbivore's Taco Sauce, and melt some cheese on a Spinach Wrap, and I have a really nice meal.  - I had this for breakfast the past two days :)
Lettuce, Cheese, and Kidney Beans on a Spinach Wrap, though I am strangely sensing I forgot to write down another very important ingredient...I hope I will remember.
What else do I need to tell you?
I am going to try to make my own granola bars...
I had the BEST taco ever from this cookbook...
I think that's it.
I promise to post this weekend too. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Competitive Class

My first competitive class was today.  It was awesome.
We did Jockey to the Fair too.
AH! (I also made two dishes from the cookbook!)
I couldn't get it at all!  My rhythm was completely off!
I also learned that some of my normal steps that I have been using in feis', are considered "baby" dances that Novice's don't do.  :( I am running out of dances here!
Good song for "baby" dances: "Kids"
Night!  Dance, normal class, tomorrow!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas!

"What's that?" I asked
"Some kind of weird Q-Tip." Dad said
"Is it a primer?"
"Uh, you see it."
"Ha ha ha," belly chuckle.  "It's an eye shadow brush!  HA HA HA"

I NEVER GOT TO POST THIS. This apparently had been a draft since Christmas...

"She is still in MA," "No, she's sick," NO I'M HOME

"Do we have gym today?" Brandy texted me at 6:30 this morning.
8:40 A.M. Almost two hours later.
"We don't have school today," I answered. "But tomorrow we do."
3:29 P.M. Twenty-nine minutes after school ended.
"Echo," Brandy texted me. "We had school that why you weren't there?"

"Did we have school today?" I asked Cathleen.
"Did we have school today?" I asked Bryant.
"Did we have school today?" I asked Mandy.

Yes was the same answer each time.  After Brandy and Cathleen answered me, I truly thought they were out to scare me, so I asked Mandy, the one I knew I could trust, instead.

"You didn't know?" She said.
"Nope, my mom said we didn't 'cause it's a national holiday." I texted back sheepishly.
"...but you're right we should've had today off. :P not fair."
"hahahaha good ;))) lol did mr. A or Ms. S ask where I was?"
Now, the two answers I got for that last question were:
"Everyone assumed you were still in MA." Brandy told me.
":) No everyone assumed you were sick." Mandy told me.

Well guess what????
I wasn't the only one gone, but I don't know why my other friend was out either.

Sigh, might as well have thought I'd died!  Lack of "Protein!"

Anyway, today was really awesome without the way, I have dance tomorrow and Wed.  - Competitive class is starting!  Wahoo!

Today, my dad and I went shooting, but instead, for maybe an hour, we tracked a female deer instead that was around the targets :)) I found it.  It was really cool.  Then, after a while, we shot a target and went home due to my starting-to-feel-like-their-freezing fingertips and toes.
Later, I made the Fried bananas and granola bars from Happy Herbivore.
Will post reviews about those another day.
Anyway, today was good.  Both food wise and non-food wise - today also included Skyrim! :D
Sad to say, I did not get to watch the movie about Chris McCandless.
Tomorrow is another day though...not that I'll have time... 7-9 dance this week.

To think that I could have been snowed into Boston...that would have been awesome!  Trust me, I prayed for that while we were in MA. Sigh, I guess God gave me a snowless day here at home, not in the place I wanted, but it definitely felt like snowy day.  I hope we get snow though soon!  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Forgot!

I completely forgot to tell you guys that I bought two new cookbooks and received one as a gift as well!
I got "1,000 Vegan Recipes" by Robin Robertson as a gift.  OH! I also got a waffle iron! :D
Now, the two I bought were: "Vegan Bites: Recipes for Singles" by Beverly Lynn Bennett and "Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.
Aren't you excited?
I am going to try and plow through the "Happy Herbivore" as soon as possible!
I will be doing one or two, maybe three, tomorrow from that :))
Anyway, that's it.
Wait! I tried Falafel this weekend too from the one of the salad bars in the Newton, MA Whole Foods. That was good too.
Vandetti is now my favorite DJ.
Who knew?

Happy New Year!

Sorry I haven't posted in a week, but it has been the holidays!  Went to MA for family and First Night.
Anyway, I made two new recipes and I am going to try and do maybe two at least tomorrow.  Sadly, I didn't get to do that salad for Christmas :( but what I did make was very good.
Please excuse the poorly taken pictures...
                       First, I made Peanut Butter Dog Treats for my dog :) He loves them!  I want to take a picture                       of him with one of the people shaped ones in his mouth :)) - the next picture is also them.
                      Now, I didn't have enough parsley, so I only got to use, I think, half a tsp.
                                             Someone here, tried to open someone else's, gifts!

                        I tried to make these Raw Gingerbread Men, but I think they didn't work out because there weren't enough dates :(
                                But when I came home today from MA, I put some uncooked rolled oats, one mashed banana, and maybe 1/4 c of this stuff in and ate it!  It was really great!
                                             Dunkin' Donuts business truck - looked funny
                                   We went to the Taj to sit down... after a "grueling" walk through the "cold"
                           Later, we went to Mcgreevy's, an Irish Pub across the street from the Hynes Center
                                                My what-really-was-pretty First Night button
One of the few things, or really, only things, we did, was go see the O'Shea Irish Dance Co. dance with a hip-hop or mixed types of dances, from a dance school in Roxbury, MA; they also danced with the Boston Tap Company.
They weren't my favorite.  I could see the difference between their school and my own.  It just felt different.
I won't go on explaining, but two of the three of their Open Champions (a few seniors in my own school are trying to get into the World Championships, by the way) were really good.
One thing about the Mcreevy's place, was that it was one of the first times I didn't see anything on the very limited menu that evening I couldn't order.
Thankfully, being me, I like to plan my meals in advance.  So, that afternoon I had looked up their menu to see what my family could eat: There had been a BLACK BEAN burger :D
That was what I had for dinner.  And it was good.
This past week I have had so many nuts, that it was just crazy!  At the Taj, I ate two out of three appetizer holders that are complimentary to eat, which contain all different nut blends, almost all by myself!
Every time in the past we have gone to the Taj, I have never liked Wasabi nuts, but guess what???
I have a new found love for them.
See what changing your diet can do?
A day or so before First Night, my parents and I took my grandma to Easy Bay Grille.
There, (we had gone also the day before when my parents and I got there to get lunch...) I ordered a salad for dinner.
My salad was there Simple Green Salad and I asked for the vinaigrette on it.
I got a "creamy" vinaigrette instead.
As soon as it appeared in front of me, I thought it was bleu cheese.
I took a few bites, maybe ate one third of the salad, before I really started to see the cheese chunks.
Now, don't think this was really obvious, because the waiter and my parents all said it was the vinaigrette.
Although, my parents became more convinced the more I said I didn't think, or knew, that it wasn't the right dressing.
We sent it back.  Got the right dressing later.
Overall, I forgot to say a belated Merry Christmas!