Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Amazing Day

This blog is going to have to be really quick, and it will be my last one for a few days :(.  So this morning, for starters, my grandpa and I went to Starbucks (I got a Iced Green Tea).  Then, when I came home, I did some more packing till eleven.  By eleven, my grandparents brought me to my dance camp.  The camp was from eleven-thirty to four.  It was amazing!  Three people from Ireland were there: My teacher's friend, and the two best dancers in Ireland (One girl and one boy)!  They all taught us the basics of dance, and at the beginning we did the palates.  That was excruciating.  Lol.  After, they slit us into two groups depending on our level in dance.  The Advanced Beginners (me being one of them), went into a room and the girl taught us a slip jig.  The slip jig was very beautiful, but I couldn't get one of the turns, and we didn't spend too much time on the left foot so I am not that good at it.  Then, for the last forty minutes, we did hard shoe, and my teacher's friend taught us.  The hornpipe was easier to catch on to than the slip jig.  Overall, it was an amazing day at dance, and then two more weeks till Nationals!  EEEEEP!  Later on in the day, just a few minutes ago, my grandparents and I just got back from Starbucks.  There, we met my uncle and I paid for all of them.  :), only, I teasingly yelled at my uncle because his was the most expensive.  Tonight I got a decaf Refresh tea.  There at Starbucks, I saw one of my school teachers!  It was nice, and now, me and my grandma are watching Masterpiece Mystery.  Still need to feed my cats (which I almost passed out last night because I just can't take it; my mom's job usually) and pack.  ;( Till Sunday afternoon, bye! 

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