Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Taste and A New Book

Okay, so today, I got to chapter two in this book!  What an achievement!  Hehe... -_-.  I really do like this book, and I have to read it anyway for school, but I really haven't been in the mood to read.  Humph.  :) Anyway, today has been really busy or lazy in other words.  I have been on the computer a good part of the day, just for email, writing, and checking other things, and now, this.  I have been wondering all day what I was to write, and here I am.  I played on the Wii and practiced piano for an, plus I just had a lesson forty-five minutes ago.  It was really nice, but I kept getting frustrated with the beat in Missing (Evanescence).  But I got through it :).  And before that, I made Guacamole again, but with a different recipe from a different book. To my parents it was bland compared to another Guac we usually make, but I like more avocado than the mayonnaise we put in the other one (the recipe is at the bottom for the one I made today, hope you like it!).  Besides that, I have also been on YouTube all day and listening to Within Temptation's new album (getting all excited for the concert in September!  Wahoo!).  And even before that, I had been watching M-TV and was watching the music videos, gosh some of them were strange, but I heard a song that I liked very much, and that brought me to YouTube.  I heard the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.  I LOVED IT!  I have been going from Within Temptation back to Foster the People's album Torches.  It is really nice, you should hear it (  BTW that link isn't Pumped Up Kicks, it is a different song.  :D.  Anyway, probably the most relaxing thing I did all day was make a cup of Tazo Refresh Tea (I have had three cups today, yummm) and sat down and read/looked at a Cabela's magazine for archer's.  They have very nice stuff, and while I was looked at Crossbows, one was almost $2,000.00!  And a release (sorry if you don't know these things, go look it up to see how absurd this is) was almost $200.00!  Goodness, how good can these things get?  Later in the magazine, sadly, their was only one page for women's clothing :(.  GRRRRRRRRRRR. hehe.  So, I like Cabela's :), here's the recipe:
  Great Guacamole

  Enjoy! (From The Big Book of Vegetarian)

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