Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heartbreak of the Day

I left my heart in a different place, and sadly my mind and body are here.  Today I have been aching inside for a place I feel I can say I grew up in for half my life: New England. Sighs, this morning before church I heard church bells ringing from across the street, it made me want to throw-up I was so sad I wasn't in Massachusetts and going to church with my family there. Then just a few days ago, I had my mom buy daisies to plant...I chose those because those flowers grow wild next to her driveway. I have been craving Boston, Connecticut, Portsmith, and all of New England these past few weeks.  But usually I don't crave Connecticut, but I have these past few days because of a book I was reading in school.  It takes place in Wethersfield, Connecticut; not that I have ever been there, but just two weeks ago my mother, grandmother, and I had to go to Rhode Island for a surprise bridal shower, and we went through Saybrook which is a place in the book too.  Aside from the book, I love New England because of the seasons, the food, the diversity, the atmosphere, and the geography, but I love the people there the most.
                 Not only are these people welcoming, but everyone knows each other!  Talk about a small world!  Just a few months ago, I was in a Vermont food store, and at the register two men were asking the girl behind the counter how her mother was doing.  I envied them so much watching them, I wish my town, even my state, was as close as that, but we are too urban and city-like.  My family there is amazing, and so is my family here and other places, but I am heartbroken I don't live there.  I would ask my family if we could move there, and there would be a great chance they'd say yes because they love it there too, but I have too many good friends here, and I couldn't stand to leave them.  I could go on for a long time talking about the places up there, but I won't 'cause I'm going to bed.  Sleepy, and school is tomorrow, gross, at least I can look forward to a piano lesson and friends.

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