Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Second Week of Vegetarianism

            My first problem of being a Vegetarian: total exhaustion.  Being a Vegetarian mostly means you can not have meat, and not eating meat made me very tired, and one day, I just didn’t want to do anything.  I had no idea why I was tired, because from all the research I had been doing about Vegetarianism, I had never come across people experiencing this problem.  My parents started telling me why I was tired, my iron levels were low, and since fish aren’t considered animals, and fish can be in a Vegetarian diet, my parents got me sushi.  That day is now called: Emergency Sushi.

          Although I wouldn’t call myself a Pesco-tarian, I do eat fish.  A lot of fish and I try to get it any time my parents or grandparents are willing to get me it.  Fish is a huge part of my diet and a Pesco-tarian is the healthiest form of Vegetarianism.  And not only is it a good source of iron, but it also gives a huge energy boost!  It is like a sugar rush, only better!!!!!  I would recommend any Vegetarian to have some fish in their diet, and I hope you like it, and if you aren’t known for liking any type of fish, try to find ways to add little bits and pieces to your dinner so the rest of the flavors in the dinner can hopefully overpower it.  Overall, I learned a very important thing that week: Sushi is a gift. 

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