Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Mother/Daughter Day In NYC

So, today was the day, that at two o'clock, my mom, my friend's mom, my friend ,and I, were going to see The Phantom of the Opera.  First, my mom and I picked my friend and her mom up at nine-thirty and went to the train station.  When we got there, the stairs that went underground were flooded, and there was no way around but to run down and across the railroad tracks.  THAT WAS SO STRESSFUL!!! Hehe.  Anyway, once crossed, we waited for the train.  When the train came, we boarded and went to NYC.  Now, my family doesn't really like the city too much, but whatever, we had to go to this show!  :) By the time we were at the city, it was only eleven-thirty or so, so we went to lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe (this was mine and my mom's first time here).  It was really cool here, with a wall covered with the bodies of guitars, and walls filled with pictures of the Beatles or TV's, it was really an awesome atmosphere, but when we were seated, it got really loud and we couldn't hear each other across the table :(.  Also, my mom and I had a hard time deciding what to eat, since I am a Vegetarian and she sort of is (she is scared to eat meat since we watched "Food Inc.").  Anyway, I ended up eating Confetti Rice and a Grilled Shrimp Kabob.  Both were sides, but they were very good, I also had a few bites of my friend's coleslaw since she doesn't like that stuff :).  Then, my mom had  a Greek Salad; I also ate her olives since she doesn't like those too :).  After, we walked around a little bit and stopped a pharmacy and bought some gum or peppermints.  Yumm...By then it was almost one-thirty so we made our way over to the theater, once we got there, we had ten minutes till the show started.  OH MY GOODNESS MY MOM BOUGHT SUCH HIGH SEATS!  I am scared of heights a little bit...*smiles meekly*.  The show was amazing, only, Christine had dark brown hair when she is supposed to have blond hair, and they didn't have one of the main characters!  The Persian!  ....  They also changed the ending.  Ugh.  Oh well.  After the show, we went to get dinner at O'Lunneys.  That was amazing food too.  I had Shrimp Cocktail and two raisin muffins :D.  LOTS of shrimp today.  Hehe.  (I also ate some of my mom's vegetables) yummm... And that was it!  Sighs, great day :).

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