Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul"

What brings you peace?  What gives you happiness?  What do you dream about?  What do you live for?  Out of all the things that bring me happiness, music is the one thing that brings me joy, and I would be hidden deep within myself it did not exist.  I am a relatively quiet person, or I am when I am at school or with no one to talk to, but give me my iPod and I start screaming inside!  I get excited, it fills me with joy no matter what the lyrics are.  Except for rap, that isn't my favorite thing...  Anyway, music speaks what the heart cannot express, and instruments fill in the air the words cannot reach to.  For me, that instrument is the piano, and after for playing for seven years I have found a feeling inside me I cannot tell you of.  I have no words to describe it but as a dream and a fantasy that is as beautiful and as sad as the darkest ocean surrounded by rock with sunlight shining down on it.  I have maybe eight or ten piano books that I got for my birthday and Christmas and I have only started using one in the past two weeks (Evanescence's Farther Away: Missing) Most of the music I listen to would probably make others cry or angry, maybe they'd think I was disturbed or depressed, but the music I listen to I find beautiful.  I find cemeteries beautiful!  I am not depressed, I am very happy; I find cemeteries and dark things beautiful because I love history and I perceive this world differently than others.  Especially in music.  Just a list of some artists I listen to: Evanescence, Within Temptation, Anberlin, Anarbor, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Skillet, Rise Against, Ten Second Epic, Michael Buble, The Spill Canvas, Halestorm, A Day to Remember, The Fray, The Maine, Lacuna Coil, Relient k, Three Days Grace, All Time Low, 30 Seconds to Mars, and We Are the Fallen.  Yeah, a lot of the music has some sad lyrics and sounds, but I love it!  I can't get enough of it!  And when I play, listen to, or sing with it, I become relaxed.  One day when my parents and I were watching a special about how Harry Potter was made, half of the show was about the Scores and about how they were written.  While I watched it something like a light bulb or a fire lit inside me.  I ached to do what they did, transforming a story and giving it shape.  Feed the ears what the lines the actors speak can't fill.  Now the summer before, my family went to Boston and went to George's Island.  While we were there, Berklee College of Music was preforming there.  And although I didn't stay for the whole show like my mom did, but I what I did hear filled my ears for the rest of the day.  And from that performance, from the Harry Potter special, I now want to go to Berklee.  Though it is still a few years away for me to finally chose, my cousin and her fiance got me a sweatshirt and a little lion key-chain that wore a Berklee shirt.  I  try to practice the piano an hour every day, and I try my best at it every time.  Music has filled in the gaps in my life, and has given me a dream to work towards.  Everyone should have one. :-)

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  1. This blog made me smile today :) Keep practicing piano and singing! I love Berklee and wished I could have gone there...but I knew that wasn't an option for me hah. If you want to go's the time to start working towards it :) Praying for you and excited to see where God leads you over the next few years! I bet you would like becoming a composer and learn about composition!