Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Dream That Ended Too Quickly

                                                      The Dream
                                                                    The Dock
                                                                Her Flowers
Well, I am guilty... I have been home since Sunday afternoon, but I have not been able to get to this sadly. :( Anyway, I am here now, and I will now tell you how my 4th of July weekend went!  BTW HAPPY BELATED 4TH  JULY!  :) Over the weekend, my parents and I visited my grandma in MA, but before that, my grandparents had to drive me up to meet my parents who were coming down to meet us in the parking lot of The Chowderpot.  Afterwards, my parents and I went back up to MA and went to have lunch at The Cabby Shack.  I LOVE THAT PLACE hehe.  There, I tried my mom's tuna salad sandwich...I liked it a lot :).  But, there, I had a salad that was okay; I just wasn't in the mood :(.  Anyway, after that, we drove that last few minutes to my grandma's and talked to her till five.  At five, we went to dinner at the Milepost, and there, I had my very first Tuna salad sandwich!  I took a pic of it, but didn't post it.  I absolutely loved it; and I also had tea (Tazo Spiced Orange Decaf) which was too hot and burned my finger and tongue.  While we were at my grandma's, we talked with her pretty much the whole time but we did go out for lunch the next day.  we went to The Lobster Shack where I had for the first time Fish & Chips (w/o the chips though :) I had coleslaw) which I loved too!  Hehe.  Then, later, in the afternoon, we went to a tourist area in Duxbury where we went through a bunch of shops.  There was a cute one called Eco Chic I think...While my parents and I were looking around, my grandma sat on the bench happily and made friends with those around her.  My dad went to go check on her (she's his mommy hehe) and she introduced him to a new friend she made!  After shopping and buying nothing, we went to dinner at the East Bay Grille where I got a five shrimp cocktail (with a seaweed salad in the middle of it) with Broccolini!  Broccolini is the most amazing, tastiest, veggie I have ever eaten!  BTW the first picture, is suppose to represent the Dream :).  That torch was at the East Bay Grille where we ate outside.  The second, was a dock my dad and I went to later that night - where I took a lot of pictures!  And the last, was of one of the patches of lilies in my grandma's yard.  We were here for only two nights and three days... There were a few times I wanted to cry because I really don't like where I live - I only like a few things (like friends and people I like).  But, I don't want to leave anyway for another few years :) : College.  So, I have to make a separate post :).  SO, next one.

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