Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pizza, a Special Brownie, and Berries, Berries, Berries!

   Okay, so at four o'clock or so, my tummy was having the rumblies (:-D), so I woke both my parents from their "naps" to go to an "early" dinner.  My mom has been making a HUGE deal over the time we went out, and keeps making fun of it ;(.  Anyway, we went to a place a few towns over to a restaurant called Pizza Fusion.  We have never been here, and we have wanted to go here from a long time since we heard so many good reviews from people we know, and so, tonight we went.  My mom got a Traditional pizza, my dad a Founder's pizza, and I got a Very Vegan pizza (without the garlic, but with basil yummm).  We all finished our personal pizzas, except I was full after like the second mini slice, so my dad had the last one and I stuffed in the third.  Afterwards, the waitress looked at me with a creepy smile and asked if I wanted the Vegan brownie, if I was a vegan... :) I got it to take home; it is sooooooooooooooo good!  It is definitely better than the ones I made a few weeks ago, but my dad disagrees.  I thought the ones I made were too bitter, but he thought this one was lacked creaminess, and my mom thought it was too dry.  But anyway, forget them ;)!  When we left the restaurant, we went to Whole Foods across the street for a few things we needed.  We got tea, a baguette, bananas, granola bars, cheese, some yogurt and coffee, miscellaneous things, and LOTS of BERRIES!  Four boxes of blueberries, raspberries, and two boxes of blackberries!  Ugh, I usually eat a whole box of blackberries as I clean them off, but I was strong enough to resist tonight.  Whew.  Since my parents forgot to put everything away, I did all of it.  I enjoy food shopping and putting food away.  It is fun :).  So, I cleaned off all the berries as you can see from up there, and ate some of the blueberries, a strawberry (BTW a strawberry comes on the Vegan Brownie @ Pizza Fusion!),and a few blackberries.  They were good.  Overall, tonight was really nice, and later, we are going to watch Red Riding Hood!  YAY!  Bye. 

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