Saturday, June 11, 2011

"To see us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

Today was my Irish Dance recital.  My third one :))).  Today marked my three years of being an Irish Dancer and I am so happy to do it.  Though shockingly, I am not Irish at all, but there may be one drop :).  But every time I dance, I feel like an Irish person hehe.  Also today, I got a trophy and three certificates for a digital feis I did.  It was my first competition and from my videos, I went from beginner to advanced beginner!  The certificates and trophy all said 1st place :D.  Anyway, today was an awesome day.  I was in three dances with my two classes (hard shoe and soft shoe).  We did a hornpipe, a fairy reel, and something else.  I don't remember what the other one was.  But other than that, my soft shoe class was really on end today, they kept making fun of me because I forgot the sequence of the fairy reel!!! Grrr.  Though thankfully when we did it, I wasn't the only one who made a mistake!  Haha.  Then after that, we did the dance I don't remember, but it was really fun and we got it 100%!  And later, we did our hornpipe with our hard shoe class.  That was cool too, but some of the people in our class were a little late because they were still changing from a dance they had just been in.  In the last one we did, the hornpipe, we all wore a traditional dress (that was "REEL-E" heavy!) because some of the people in our hard shoe class were wearing solo dresses, and this way we all matched, and on the back of mine, and all the traditional dresses, it said, "To see us dance is to hear our hearts speak."  In the end, "An tuatha nua, rince nua" and goodnight ;).

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