Monday, June 6, 2011

"Let the journey start, I finally freed myself from the jealousy and revenge I have felt I got out in time and I'm moving fine I'll live to tell the tale I will be my guide, no one by my side This fearless road, just me myself and I"

The title of this blog has significant meaning  to me and I suppose anyone, if I, or anyone, really think about it.  Our life is the journey, and the freedom comes from finding, or learning about yourself and being able to slide out from under bad peer pressure.  In one of my classes we have been learning about peer pressure, especially bad peer pressure.  But back to the title, you've got out in time, just before the consequence of the action, and your living with no guilt, only happiness.  You will be your guide, trust what you feel but only if you know it's right.  Now as you walk down the road of life, you know what right and wrong is, and with no one at your side to tell you otherwise, that road will bring a clear-conscious and good into your life. 
           Learning from mistakes is good, and it is awesome when you don't hold a grudge too!  One of my friends is holding a grudge against me because I had to give away her red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  I had too because otherwise it would have gone bad!  ... She just doesn't understand that I threw away the plate with tinfoil thinking she'd be at school so I could give it to her, but no, she wasn't.  Her fault. Lol.  Anyway, I told her not to hold a grudge because it isn't healthy for you to do that, or is it good anyway.  This happened like a week ago, yeah it did, and she still isn't over it.  Not that I don't hold grudges ever, but I really don't have a reason to too often.  
          Another thing is, getting away from peer pressure.  Disgusting thing isn't it?  Bad things happen when you are the one doing it, or are the one under it.  Very bad things.  Today in class my friends and I had to do a skit we came up with.  It was really lame, but provided the meaning our teacher was looking for underneath our lack of enthusiasm. Ha ha.  We got an A. Anyway, the skit was about five students who were at a party, three were the kids causing the bad peer pressure, and one of them was uncomfortable with it, so she went to two of her friends who were just talking and told them about the prank.  They all agreed to that it was mean to bully a new kid, so they went over to the two kids planning the prank and told reasons, and told them why they shouldn't do this.  In the end, the kids didn't do it.  'Ya know why?  They ASSERT ed themselves. 
Assert your posture: Look the person in the eye, shoulders back, head held high.
Say "no" firmly.
Say "goodbye" and leave.
Excuse: give a reasonable excuse as to why you can't join in the pressure. (Ex: I need to go to home)
Reasons: give reasons why they shouldn't do the peer pressure.
Tell an adult.
In the end, these are ways to escape bad peer pressure. Yeah, this doesn't have anything to do with a grudge, but the grudge story was just for a healthy conscious.  Yawn, bed time again. Doing this and watching a Bruins hockey game was good for a relaxing evening.  Night. 

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