Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I know they have confidence. They should have confidence. They are the" 'NHL' "champions...'No matter what you say during the week - and God knows we say a lot this week - we're going to be focused on going out and winning this game. We're confident, but I don't think we share our thoughts with everybody."

Tonight.  June 15, 2011 8:30 PM-11:00+ PM is the Final Stanley Cup in Roger's Arena Vancouver, Canada.  The teams: Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks.  I am sitting on the edge of my seat, and have been ALL day.  The score as of right now is 1-0.  Yay!  Boston Bruins are winning (No offense to any Canadian fans).  I have been, and still am, stressed our all day long.  I almost wanted to puke when I was talking to my friend about tonight's game.  I mean, this game is in Vancouver!  The Bruins and Cancucks keep having close games here, and every time they play in Boston, the Bruins win, and now they are back in Vancouver for the final game.     The Canucks and Bruins are tied.  Tonight, whoever wins, gets the Cup.  Now, recap, hockey has only just become a huge part of my life.  Well, maybe not huge, but I have become a HUGE fan and I am trying to understand all the rules, places, and such.  I have been doing well to catch on, I can tell when a power play is.  Anyway, my dad just said, and I quote, "I'm gonna puke."  Already my father has jumped up and rejoiced with a resounding shout through the house, and here I sit quietly keeping my thoughts to myself  (He thinks I'm not stressed out).  Oh my goodness, it's a commercial.  Eck.  Stupid, boring, distracting, things that waste two minutes of my life.  Hehe.  Sigh.  The game is back, my fingers are shaking, and my dad is going to hyperventilate soon.  Hopefully they win, because then, we will be going to Boston tomorrow night for the parade...SCORE!.... Goodnight...I hope.

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