Sunday, June 5, 2011

My First Dairy Products in Almost Two Months!

On June 3rd I went to a friend’s house.  She is one of my best friends and I absolutely adore her family!  Now, before we got on her bus to go back to her house after school, I asked if she had told her mom I was a vegetarian.  She said, “No she did not know.”  So, while on the bus she texted her mom about my new diet.  I told my friend to say, “Echo is a vegetarian, and doesn’t want you to feel bad if you make something with meat in it and she won’t eat it.”  Then right when her mom texted her back, I was so thankful!  Her mom said, “That’s okay, we are getting dinner from ‘this Italian place,’ so she should find something to eat.”  I did *smiles victoriously*. 
            When we got to her house and unpacked my stuff, we were hungry, and when we came downstairs to the kitchen for a snack, we had to leave because we were going to go shopping, so no time for snacks.  My friend told her mom we were hungry, and her mom’s answer was Dairy Queen.  Dairy Queen.  Of all the places she chose Dairy Queen!!!  I almost laughed, I had been doing SO well staying on a vegetarian diet and now I had to eat dairy, but I thought they had soft pretzels there; they didn’t… Crud.  While I and my friend waited in line and I tried to find something small, I decided I was going to get a soft serve chocolate ice cream in a cone.  It was good, but I felt guilty.  But that didn’t break my Vegetarianism; I was just a Flexitarian for this sleepover.  Now when the shopping was done, we got dinner.  I had a salad called Blue Nut Salad.  It had tangerines, sliced almonds, candied walnuts, blue cheese, mixed greens, and topped with vinaigrette.  Yes, it was delicious, and I still have more . 
            After only six hours of sleep, we were hungry once again.  Now was breakfast.  Rewind!  Before I came, my mom told me to pack a granola bar, so I happily picked a Cookies n’ Cream Delight Luna Bar.  But instead, my friend and I made pancakes.  Those had dairy too… And they were good, but the three pancakes I had didn’t settle well with my stomach.  I was achy a little for a bit but I got over it, but the achy feeling told me my mind was angry at me for having TWO HUGE dairy products that I have been doing well to avoid.  Then, after like ten minutes, I and my friend went to her room so we could bring my stuff down, and while we were in there, I took out my Luna Bar and introduced a tasty new bar to my friend.  We liked it.  Yeah, Luna Bars are good for make tighter relationships too.

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