Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Tasty, The Mini, and The Sweet

                                                                           The Tasty
The Mini
                                                                             The Sweet

     These were some of best highlights of the day!  The first, was my lunch: A banana, two strawberries, a piece of the Vegan brownie from last night, and the granola I made (BTW the brownie was excellent!  Very creamy today).  The second highlight, was the first Summer Squash from my dad's garden.  It was very small, maybe two, three inches, and very thin.  Lastly, was a Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea.  That was delicious, but I got it sweetened; I would suggest to not getting it sweetened; my mom got the unsweetened; much better.  Anyway, that was my day :) or at least the best parts of it.  So now, I am going to watch Pirate Radio.  Night people.

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