Friday, October 21, 2011

"You can lead me to the bloodbath, but you can't make me drink"

For me this means - You can tell me what you believe, tell me what's right, and I can stand back and accept what you think is the correct way to live, but you can't make me believe that all you're saying is true.

So, this post will be on my tale of a Vegetarian.  

Or in other words, what I think about living this lifestyle. 

PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

or - People Eating Tasty Animals.

:) I, the Veg, am laughing at the second.  Good job whoever came up with it - too lazy to look myself.
So what I think is, is that some Vegans/Vegetarians go a little extreme.  I understand with the clothes and what not, but to protest?  To think that killing animals isn't correct?  

Animals can live great lives, they will die at one point, and yeah, they have feelings, so do we!  People still murder, and that isn't right either, but my point being is that animals were created originally as companions, but when sin entered the world, they were made for food.  Our bodies have been evolving for years to get use to tearing at the animal flesh we now eat, but obviously, some us choose not to eat them.    

We were originally Vegetarians, but don't you think we were still allowed to have milk and honey?  Remember the Land of Milk and Honey?  Obviously we are supposed to eat it, but no, I don't have many dairy products, but I love honey, only, it is organic.  You can have dairy, meat, and honey and fish but free-range, raised in a good place and way, you don't need to have it when it was gotten with abuse or chemicals.  

Also, if you could get an animal in the most humane way to me, it'd be hunting.  I can be Vegan and Hunt.  Why not?  I am the Hunting-Vegan.  I don't have any shame in killing the animal, but I would like to kill it on the first shot and not let it die in too much pain.  Who ever said death is painless?  Death is different for everyone, and if you let the animal die from old age, wouldn't it be...different?  Like, wouldn't the meat be less...tender if that is a good wonder?  Anyway, there are those who don't eat meat from markets but they eat meat that ONLY they themselves hunt and kill, or from a market that the people who work there go and hunt and kill the meat themselves as well.  That was what I was originally planning, but obviously my direction went elsewhere; deeper into this new diet.  

Overall, I believe that you can be a little too extreme, even if you love animals with all your soul and being, but there is also line where cruelty should be illegal.  There should be a time when arguments over animals killing other animals should be labeled as "Pathetic" because they are.  How else are the animals going to live and eat?  Are they going to convert too to Vegetarianism?  I don't think so.  Their instincts tell them otherwise.  Other arguments, like wolves killing farmers animals and the wolves being driven to practical-extinction to stop them should stop as well - the farmers should just get better protection.  I stand with that answer, and so many more!  Animals do have rights, but until the time when they can truly say "I don't want to die that way or die at all," I believe we just need to try and get more people to kill in a more humane way.  No one needs to agree with me, but I hope I changed some views.  
So why am I a Veg?
Because I am in a way protesting that they shouldn't be killed so badly, but I will be an example of killing an animal in the most humane way I know and cook it for someone else till I can stop gagging at the thought that they aren't usually killed this way.  
Will I be a Vegetarian my whole life?
I think this is a health decision as well, but again, as long as they aren't being treated the way they should be, watch me take a life the way they should be.  Watch me as I try and not make them suffer.  Watch me, a teenage girl who six months ago had the idea that she'd eat everything she killed, change her mind but still kill, and tell all of those who ask me "Why?" the most disgusting, horrific, actions that factories and inhumane farms are doing to our food and actual living creatures.  

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