Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mmmm... The Treasures You Can Find On A Blog

I am not even hungry, but I have been in the kitchen since 4 o'clock. My dinner, it is a gift from another blog.  It was the best burger I have ever had!  Meat or not-meat - Amazing.  My dad and I like olives, but I wasn't in the mood to put that ingredient in my patty, and my mom doesn't like them at all, so my dad had two with them.  Either way they were awesome.  With these, I made fries too - I will post their recipe tomorrow or sometime with pictures of tonight.
So I have $12 in my wallet, looking for a good Vegan cookbook or Vegan Health book for Teens... Good ideas?  Or must I look alone? ;)
Besides burgers and fries to go with a pub night for the Bruins game, I tried to make Vegan cookies...I had one this morning from Whole Foods, split it with my dad, it was awesome and I had a recipe for cookies, but it was my first time figuring out what a Egg Replacement was... had to look up what they were in the aisle at Whole Foods... later, let's just say the cookies weren't successful... But when I get them right, because I will! I shall post the recipe :)
Just in a different direction, I was reading our State's workbook for Hunting.  I am on chapter 3.  Did you know black bears aren't true hibernators?
Anyway, tomorrow I am making a Collard Greens recipes from Whole Foods as well.  Now let's hope that turns out right :)
As of a few seconds ago, I had a good idea:  I am going to try and do a Three Part Series for a Teen on a Vegan Holiday.  What am I going to eat?  How am I going to react to my first time during these holidays when I am surrounded by meat-eaters when I am no longer one myself?  And how are my family members going to react when some of them haven't seen me for the first time since last year?
Aw, my dog is laying on my dad's side... Very cute :)
Anyway, very excited now.  Going shooting tomorrow... Need to get a more accurate shot besides being consistent.
For the next Bruins game I should make Chili... maybe with Cornbread :)
Good idea... going to look for Chili recipes now.
Because how can you go wrong with Chili?
Ohh....With Venison chunks in it...that'd be good.

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