Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Extremely Early Dinner

One use for the "Fudge": Smoothie :)

1 Frozen Banana
A few chunks of Frozen Fudge
Maybe 1/3 cup Regular Soymilk

Blend and serve 
Makes 1 serving.

Yeah, I had a very early dinner... I was going to cook some Collard Greens tonight from a recipe I had, but maybe that'll be next Friday since I have something Mon, Tuesday, maybe Wed, and Thursday.  - Technically everyday.  
Where are the pictures from last nights' dinner?
I am not sure I can put them up tonight - taking pictures of some things we are going to sell.  Plus, my parents are using it too so...

I also had a picture of the first shots of the season on a target... Got better towards the end but wow... Bad... My consistence was good though: Bottom right hand corner.  Lost an arrow though.  Down to six plus two with no tips.  

So, when will I cook again?  Hopefully soon.  I also found another cookie recipe and I have all the ingredients!  They were everything I used for the fudge!

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