Saturday, October 29, 2011

When was Fall? Was I asleep?

Okay, first of all, it is snowing if anyone has noticed.  12-14 inches maybe; till tomorrow afternoon.  Well, at least my family and I like snow :) even if trees are falling everywhere.
So, digital feis.  How'd I do?  I really hope I am going to become a Novice, because then I can get a solo dress :) Plus, I just want to move up.

During my dances, my new soft shoes were coming off of my heels and they were WAY too tight on my toes... Anyway, during my slip-jig my shoe was half way off my right foot, but I kept dancing and I think that was my best dance because when I turned around, my teacher had a very big smile on her face.  Later, after my light jig, I thought of how happy I was dancing for just 2: 20 seconds.  Either it was the music and the dance, or the numbness in my toes was effecting my thinking... Let's hope the first one :)

Tonight is some cooking.  I will post the recipe, but I am not cooking it.  It isn't Vegan, but that is only because of the cheese that is supposed to go on it, but I asked for it to be on the side.
I got Soy Dogs today because I was craving a hot dog or something with mustard.  I was really craving Sausages but my dad and I were rushing to get me to the feis on time.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the results!  I hope we get them soon :))

Bloody... this snow is scary :( Stupid trees keep falling.... Broke our fence.... Crud... My mum let my dog out for a moment, and while they were out, two fell.  Then, a few minutes ago, a branch fell on a wire across the street and made a tiny explosion!  Freaked.  Out. 

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