Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thanksgiving? Halloween? Birthday? What to eat!!!!!!!

"What do vegans eat for Thanksgiving?  Do they carve a block of tofu into a turkey?"
Yes, what do Vegans eat for Thanksgiving?  Lots of choices of course!
Yesterday I spent at least two hours looking at recipes for different things.  Thanksgiving, Halloween, treats, Holiday dishes, and random recipes related to that.
My mom and I both started wondering what to bring to Thanksgiving when we visit my family.  We wondered, "Are we just going to have the sweet potatoes, vegetables, crackers, bread, and sides?"  I hope not.  I found so many recipes, like from PETA, of just everything.  What I am thinking, is to make a Black Bean Chili or a Butternut Squash Casserole since my mum doesn't like beans... but they have become my weakness :)
Also, I am now looking at Halloween recipes too.  I found scary cookies, cupcakes, treats, ect.  All tasty looking :) I want to try them all!  As for my birthday, which is going to be coming up very soon, I am having it with some friends.  I should make some Vegan things as well.  Two of my friends that are coming, my two best guy friends, can eat a whole pizza by themselves if not two!  So, I need to get one SAUSAGE pizza for them and 1 - 2 plain ones for my girly friends.  As for me, SALAD lol boring.... whatever... dessert will be better with Assorted Cartoon Character Cupcakes and S'mores!  But for that, I don't think I will be cooking but I would like to cook for my REAL, on the day, b-day.  Exciting.  Extended family sadly, won't eat Vegan,  let alone Vegetarian, bad experiences, so the meal will just be for my parents and I... The more the better for us :) Sucks for the those who are missing it.  (Yes, I am so sure that it will be a good meal because I haven't had a bad one yet, except for one that I got at a restaurant but that doesn't count!  I didn't make it!  - It was a Portobello burger... too plain...the mushroom taste, and don't think this is stupid 'cause I understand that is what it is, but it tasted TOO mushroomy...You didn't have any other flavor :( )

When we get to Halloween, I am going to try and make at least 2 - 3 recipes that I find.  - starting to follow some other Vegan blogs; The Spooky Vegan and what-not.

Does anyone know any Vegan MINI Ghost Cupcakes?  They just look so adorable and everything is better mini anyway :)

The Shame of the Day:
I walked to the garbage in homeroom today with chewed remains of a chocolate chip muffin...I should have had a cone around my head ;( haha.  After I spit it out, since my friend made me guilty, sigh, some of it slid down my throat unconsciously.  Shame on me.

BTW Good Halloween music is by Arnold Schoenberg... his music scares the crap out me...seriously.  Or at least, what I heard.  After two songs I had to turn it off and switch to "Paradise" as quickly as possible!

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