Friday, October 28, 2011

My Opinion...Not Yours...

I finally made the collards!  I was so looking forward to them, but I discovered yesterday, that Garam Marsala is not my favorite smell or taste.  Anyway, Collard Greens recipes.  If you enjoy it, please tell me.  Or, if you did anything different to get rid of the awful smell, please tell me :).  That wasn't a very good impression to that recipe, so sorry, but I do have another one.
My own, similar to the original smoothie.

1 Frozen Banana
(3) Ice Cubes
A little smaller than a handful of (Vegan) Chocolate Chips
A little less than 1/4 cup Plain Soymilk

Blend and serve

I wanted something different, but I couldn't do no chocolate... and I didn't want peanut butter or almond butter, so I couldn't find anything else so I made it more banana-ey by having less chocolate chips.  Still really great.  Enjoy.

Feis tomorrow.  Will I go to Novice?  :) Got new hard shoes... I have really small feet! But thankfully, I am not using those to dance in on Sat. because I am not Novice yet.  One slip-jig, one reel, and one single jig.  Excited.

Did you know Panera bread has REALLY good apples?  Well, they do.  I suggest you get that next time instead of the bread.

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