Monday, October 31, 2011

Let the Series Begin! - Halloween Part 1

My apologies, but I can't find the cord that plugs the camera into the freakin' computer.  This is sad because what I made, were FANTASTIC, GOOEY, CINNAMONY, SUGARY, SWEET, GOODNESS that is shaped into tiny little pumpkins and what I like to call, Lil' Monsters.
Here's the recipe:

Notes: Now, what I did was I took maybe a handful of the dough after I mixed it all together, and I put that handful in a small bowl.  I used some green food coloring and turned the dough green.
After I had made the rest of the dough, the plain colored ones, and rolled them into the cinnamon-sugar mix and flattened them out, I took a tiny bit of the green dough and made a tiny stem and stuck them on each plain, coated, cookie.  Voila!  But, and here are the Lil' Monsters, I had three cookies worth of extra green dough and rolled them in the sugar-cinnamon mix and made them into cookies themselves.  Tasty.

That's it!  :D

Breakfast -
1 Multi-Grain English Muffin with 2 teaspoons of Almond Butter - my first time eating this.  SOOOOOOOOOOO good!
Kashi Almond and Flax Seed Granola Bar

Lunch -
5 Whole Foods Red Licorice

Snack(s) -
4 Sugar Cookies
Piece of 80% Dark Chocolate
Handful of Kashi Autumn Wheat Cereal
2 Chunks of Bread

Dinner -
Very Vegan Personal Pizza from Pizza Fusion with no Roasted Garlic but Basil yummmmmmmm

I had hoped for a bunch of veggies for lunch, been craving that besides pizza and shrooms (I call mushrooms), but we had none :'( hehe

So it is Halloween. Mmmm... I am not going out, but I have a Venetian Mask on with a BIG peacock feather on the side of my head.  So pretty.

My town said no, but there are a few out.  - Stupid trees and fallen wires -_-

Have a tasty Halloween!

I will get the cord later...

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