Sunday, October 30, 2011

"How much pain they have cost us, the evils which have never happened." - Thomas Jeffereson

I am in utter shock... Speechless.  I just watched, not even a minute, of a preview of Meet Your Meat , and I am writing this post because now, I just... if I watched more of it I'd cry.  And I want to watch it more.  I want to be reviled because it will help deepen my perspective maybe.  Now this doesn't mean I am going to stop wearing leather, I mean I don't wear fur, but you know, I am not going that far, but I feel that could change the world, just that preview, if more saw it.
Netflix should have it.
But it doesn't.

Now here's a thought:  Vegans don't like any type of animal "cruelty," but not all of what is happening on farms and in hunting is cruelty.  The cruelty is happening in the government owned "farms" which are really just cages, factories, and prisons.  At least in hunting you aren't allowed to kill an animal unless over a certain age, and you can't let the animal go on injured.  You must kill it because you aren't allowed to leave it in pain.  Now that would be cruelty if you left it consciously, but if you lost the trail?  Let's hope a carnivore found it or hope it died quickly.
Why would our government hurt these animals?
These thoughts make my eyes feel like they are going to water over soon, but let's keep things in perspective...or am I just making a better fantasy if I do that?
The government is doing this just because it is cheaper.  So many mouths to feed in this country and so much abuse, practical, slow, murder is the way to get it to our plates.  I am thoroughly disgusted and I am not sorry to share these thoughts and views with meat-lovers.  Any converts tonight?
Look at Michelle Obama.  She is growing her own garden and doesn't have any chemicals in it!  And here the rest of the government are putting chemicals in our food!  And in an inhumane and selfish way!  Cheaper=Selfish.  Chemicals & Hormones that carry disease=Murder to the country.  Or at least, shortening of the life and probably causes the body to deteriorate faster.  Eck.
Did you know I haven't once gotten sick since I became a Veg?  :D Thumbs up!  And here my friends are, missing school because of colds, stomach aches, and other common sicknesses.
I just learned Bush was pushing torture...(the president).
I don't want to be disappointed in my government, but I am and that isn't right.  And right now, I feel like my feet should be on fire as they touch this American ground.  I am proud of other government areas, but others, obviously, not so much.
Absolutely speechless...writing my thoughts done as a way to let it out...fantastic.
I am going to see if Meet Your Meat is within my reach tomorrow so I can watch it.
Stupid Netflix...

Also, heads up, tomorrow starts what I added to, the Four Post Series About Vegan Holiday Treats, Meals, and Whatever I Can Get My Hands On.  :) I am only making one thing tomorrow because I completely forgot about the Series idea!  Arrghhh!  So, the recipe is filled with things in this house, and I would assume everyone would too :))
Be ready!

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  1. It's truly sad what they do...I couldn't bear to watch more than 30 seconds. Can't wait for the four post series!