Friday, October 14, 2011

"Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good Sweet Caroline I believed they never could Sweet Caroline"

"Sweet Caroline"

This is now all going back to the New England project.  I was extremely excited about it and I was probably getting very annoying but too bad for my group :).  We are going to sing "Sweet Caroline" and have a clay figure of the Old Man.  Besides that, Veggie wise, meals of the day... yes I did have dinner already... I was hungry -
Breakfast: Oatmeal and Granola Bar
Lunch: Lollipop(s), Apple, and something else... I forget hehe
Dinner: Black Bean burger, sweet potato fries, and some green stuff that seemed to be avocado smashed with some weird spice, but it was all good.  I am also drinking Cosmic Cranberry Kombuha.  Yum.  Also, I am going to try a new shake in the morning tomorrow: Chocolate Vega Shake :)  Hope it goes well.  

The Irish of the Day:
Watching my dance recital from last year.  It looks really amazing, and I remember what to do too :) Good day.  
I also can do boxes now too!  (Irish Dance thing) 

Now a Random Thought:
I like Adele, my dad likes Adele, but now, we both LIKED Adele.  My mom runs to her every morning now since we got rid of hearing her Celine Dion for a few months almost everyday, but we found her annoying after MONTHS too... Adele has only be a week, and already her songs pop into my head at very random times in the day!  I listened to one song, "Savior," all morning and on the way to school, hoping that it would be stuck in my head all day, but no, Adele HAD to get stuck in my head at one point...  Thankfully, "Sweet Caroline" was a good replacement to Adele's album of 21 which helped me to NOT go crazy or jump off a cliff.  Later, I told my mom I wanted to go shoot myself in the foot.  Sigh.  Thankfully, she wants Within Temptation to start being in her "mix" of every few months... Sadly though, it isn't burning to any blank disks.  Crap.  Wish me and my dad luck.  

(Cystic Fibrosis... I think - some kid in my school had surgery today so we all had something purple)

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