Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Sometimes looking back on what you had, motivates you to keep moving forward...there's a reason why you left, keep going."

As I looked at some things on the internet this morning, a thought popped into my head that comes in every once in a while.  What would happen if I ever ate meat again?

A family member who was a Vegetarian for a few months said he was in pain when he went back to eating meat...during his...bowel movements...
So that obviously grossed me out.
Anyway, so I looked up some effects of eating meat when going back on a meat-based diet, and just a few articles about the side-effects of eating meat.

*Sigh in relief* Good

Disgusting. Meat Eaters Beware.

I found this interesting.

This eased me a little... just in case. A safety net if you will.

The Grass-Fed saviors

Let the hunting begin!


Romantic, eh?

My food. Your food.

No one should think this way of all Veggies! And Veggies shouldn't HATE meat eaters either! That Vegan couple, maybe they didn't know what to do! That isn't fair or right, yeah. Vegetarians - the ones you hate give others a bad name. You believe what you believe, and I believe what I believe, and we can share our beliefs, but we don't need to believe each other. 

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