Sunday, October 16, 2011

A New Direction

Today, or for the past few days, I have decided that I should focus my writing on two things: Irish Dancing and Vegetarianism/Veganism - trying go much as possible.  Anyway, right now I am trying to find cheap Vegan recipes - finding many.  I am doing this because my parents gave me the idea that if I could food shop for myself $30 or less, which is really hard for me... I could get any money that they didn't spend in the $30 dollar budget.  For example, if I spent $26.50, I would $3.50 back.  I want to be able to go a little under that budget especially because I think it would be a very cool idea to get a phone that has internet and a camera so I can blog wherever I go.  So, when I go to Boston or wherever, I can tell you all what I am eating that is Vegetarian/Vegan friendly :) with a picture!  Or I can take pictures of whatever feis I am at at the time.  Simple.  So back to the phone, I want to be able to pay the $50 something a month.  But, in a good way, this isn't urgent.
That looks good :)  Maybe I'll try this first.

Did I mention I am cooking again on Saturday the 22nd?  New recipes.  2!  I am making it feel like a pub night even though my parents were slow to catch on... A veggie burger with oven fries.  Yum.  (The veggie burger is from the "Eat, drink, & be vegan" blog I follow.)  Very excited. I specifically chose that night because it is, in fact, a Bruins game.  Good times.

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