Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Pick yourself up Dust yourself off and back in the saddle...You've got it all Believe it...When you fall get up oh oh...Today's your day I feel it"

OFFICIALLY x2 was dance today.  I had it.  It was awesome, funny, amazing, and felt like a breath of fresh air.  I learned a group dance that I missed, we learned a new step that it really pretty, and when we did warm-ups, my over-two-three's felt like a tightness was in my legs, and when I jumped it was like a stretch and took the cramp out.  - Relief.  

Now, I need to go... :( 
Treble 1 treble 2 treble 3 treble 4 cut one-two-one-two stamp-stamp-stamp-stamp step kick-your-heel switch step kick-your heel treble treble hop-back brush treble hop-back

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