Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Am Thee "Raw" Dancer

It was 100 degrees today and I curled up on the couch - for the most part.  When I woke up to at nine o'clock, I wasn't that hungry, until twenty minutes later.  Well, last night I was thinking of what I would eat today; I really wanted ice cream, and thankfully we had some.  So, for breakfast I had a Clif Kidz Chocolate Brownie Bar and half a cup of Mocha Almost Fudge Ice Cream from So Delicious Turtle Mountain.  I was watching the Outdoor channel for a while, then some show called "Disappeared"  or something, then I got hungry again.  I ate a Barbara's Multigran Blueberry Bar and a apple to satisfy my want to nibble.  At that point I remembered I hadn't yet had my vitamin, so I then had that with a glass of Chocolate Soy milk.  Later, I had some pretzels before dance and some crackers, and at that point my mom was home.  We went to my neighbors house before dance since I am going to take care of her cats for a few days.  After that, we went to a local dance store (which btw, is mostly for ballet, which really sucks hehe) to buy a pair of shorts to wear under the traditional  solo dress I am going to dance in for my solos at Nationals.  We were successful.  When I got to dance, we started right away with stretches and exercises.  During dance, the soles of my feet felt worse than ever!  Over the past two weeks, the soles of my feet have been loosing skin.  Or at least, that is how it feels.  By Sunday my soles won't have any skin on them :)).  Ouch.  After we did all of our dance, I came home to a mini pizza which tasted really good and I downed it in five minutes.  :)) Right now we are finishing the Harry Potter from last night; wonder if we'll start the second tonight :)).  Well, I need to get in the shower; more ice cream tomorrow!  Maybe...:)

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