Friday, July 15, 2011

"Full of dreams and fascination....It's burning me up inside....It's growing, it's waiting...."

Yesterday, my mom and I both thought I didn't have practice yesterday, but really it ended up I did.  So, I was an hour late to dance, and thankfully, I got there just in time.  Because as soon as I walked in, one girl fell back and broke or fractured her wrist.  She was brought to the hospital, while we stood wondering what we were going to do about the three (each) Ceili she was in.  In the end, I learned the four hand and two other girls learned either the six or eight hand.  I still have a few problems with the four hand so tonight I and the rest of the Ceili group I am in, are going to practice once we get to the hotel.  :D Tomorrows the feis :))!  All day.  Sighs.  So excited!  I will try to post again tomorrow night when we get home, but it depends how tired I am, and hopefully I don't come home disappointed ;).  Wish me luck!

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