Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dance As If... The judge is your grandmother. The stage is your living room only bigger. Keeping your feet turned out, toes pointed, legs crossed and arms glued to your sides is the most natural thing in the world. Everyone who ever said "You can't" is under the stage."

:D "Born This Way-Lady Gaga".  Dance.  For seven days, three hours straight, and a whole day devoted to Irish Dance.  Today was my first day of actual camp for Nationals. (Dang it, I will post it tomorrow, but I have two new recipes that is a must try!)  Today, we went over our group dances.  My teacher couldn't get everyone to be in the same amount of ceilis so some people (like me) aren't going to be in all the ceilis :(.  I can't be in the four hand ceili because I am on the cusp of turning a new age (my b-day isn't for another few months...Gosh lol), but I am in the eight hand ceili but we will be learning that tomorrow :).  Anyway, our freestyle dance is going great, well, both of them are, and my solos are almost perfect but I keep messing up on the turns on the second half of my slip-jig :( and my rhythm is a little off in my light-jig.  Sighs.  Otherwise, everything is great!  My parents were worried I wasn't getting enough calories (energy) and carbohydrates (reg. and complex).  So, I made my food list of the week: Snacks:
  • Pretzels
  • Apples
  • Bananas  
  • Nature Valley Granola Bars/Cascadian Bars (yummm)
  • Plus, if I need a chocolate fix I have Chocolate Soy Milk or/and a piece of Ground Dark Chocolate (Organic-don't know if that changes anything)
  • Smoothies (one of the new recipes) 
  • Oatmeal
  • Bagel w/ spread (the other new recipe)
  • Granola (the Spiced Vanilla one; this granola I was hoping to have with Hemp milk)
  • Cereal - Kashi :)
  • Boca burger (Bruschetta  - tastes like sausage!  Very good if craving meat; I had this tonight)
  • Smoothie
  • (Personal) Veggie Pizza (will post brand later; I feel it matters *smiles*)
  • "Chicken" Cutlet (Veggie Patch)
  • Water (LOTS)
  • Tea (preferably Green tea or Chamomile)
  • Soy Milk
So, this is my meal plan for the week.  It is all very tasty and good; this is all very filling, healthy, and 100% Vegetarian :).  Anyway, promise I will post tomorrow.  Night.

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