Monday, July 18, 2011

" A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement."

Nationals was amazing!  And although I didn't place first, second, or third, in solos, I did get awards in other things.  First of all, after going to the hotel the night before the competition, my parents and I went and got sushi for dinner.  I tried some Rainbow rolls and Spicy Tuna Maki.  The Rainbow rolls were better :) After the rolls, I had a small thing of Seaweed Salad which my dad and I shared, then, I ate almost all of my mom's vegetables when she got her meal :)  All the broccoli and water chestnuts.  Hehe.  When we got back to the hotel, my mom and I went to the cafe while my dad unpacked the car.  I got a latte which was WAY too hot and scorched the back of my throat and tongue :)  Oh well.  At nine-thirty my mom started to curl my hair.  At six the next morning, we got up and got ready since check-in time was at seven-thirty.  But, by seven-thirty, we were having breakfast since we had checked in the night before.  For breakfast, I had a mini cinnamon apple Danish I suppose it was, two mini blueberry muffins, and apple juice.  Not very healthy - it was kind of gross, but the rest of the day I never quite had anything healthy :).  When we got to the hotel where the competition was being held, I got into the traditional solo team dress and went over my steps one more time.  I did this because the judges hadn't put in the ranks that I had moved up a level in the digital feis, so I had been told I was going to dancing with beginners.  "178" had been called up twice and sent back once in four hours.  Ugh, I had been SO READY the first time, and so excited and not nervous, but after two hours went by, my excitement went down dramatically, so when I went up, I didn't do as well as I had hoped :'((.  But, my school took home almost every award, and once or twice, or maybe more, we took home all three places.  My group's free-style dance was awesome too.  Everyone's shirts had a word that describes them since our song, "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga is about acceptance, so my shirt said, "Vegetarian."  Our group won second place, and our other group won first.  Everything was busy and fun, and hectic and amazing.  It was my first feis, and I am SO excited to do more.  I think I see a solo dress in my future :D Much like the one at the top I hope :).  My mom and I are already waiting for the sign-ups for two other feis' near us in the Fall.  Anyway, no more dancing till the sleep-away camp :). 


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