Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Has Been FAR Too Long

                                                                        Soft Shoes :))
                                                  My lunch from both yesterday and today
                                                           Awful shot!
                                                                         My bow :))
                                                         The Range
Today has been really nice, but I was very disappointed in myself when my dad and I went shooting.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday; had lots of family over.  We all had sandwiches for lunch, then they left, then one family came that is family too.  We then had the rest of the sandwiches for dinner hehe.  There were so many desserts too!!!!  They were good too; there were lemon bars, a chocolate cookie/chocolate death pie or something lol, and cheesecake chocolate cookie dough bars, and chocolate and butterscotch chips cookies too.  Well, before this lunch though, right when I woke up, my dad and I went to Whole Foods and stocked up for the week and yesterdays meals.  During this shopping spree, I got Hemp Milk!!!  I tried it, and so did my dad - we both liked it a lot :).  It was sweet; which would be very good with cereal or granola.  Then, when we got home, my mom was home too from work, but she had gotten some cold cuts for the sandwiches and my dad got bacon.  As I put the food away, I couldn't stand the smell of the ham or turkey!  And when I was putting away the bacon, I was so grossed out by the feeling of it even though it was in plastic!  Ewww.   Anyway, after the family all left, we went to church, then we came home and I made some of the Spiced Vanilla Granola.  But this time, we didn't have vanilla extract OR walnuts!  So, I roasted some sunflower seeds.   It actually tasted good :).  BTW my sandwich consists of one slice of whole-wheat bread, two slices of Swiss cheese, two lettuce leaves, and two tomato slices.  2, 2, 2, 1!  Haha.  Oh and also, yesterday morning I woke up and went downstairs and told my dad I wanted to make banana chips with cinnamon, and when I did, he was like, "Okay, we will need..."  I just woke up!  And I didn't expect to do it right then!  :) Oh well, the banana is still trying.  It has been over twenty-four + hours and it is still drying!  (All you need is (a) cut up banana(s) and just cover them in cinnamon; then when it is done, put extra cinnamon on (optional).)
By two o'clock, my parents and I went to the shooting range and did a few rounds.  There were two other men there, and from what I have noticed, is that whenever there is two other people there, only one of them is more friendly than the other.  Just like today :).  Then, oh my goodness, every time, before we shoot, we should be stretching!  But we, I, never do it!  And I never think about it till after we shoot!  My bloody right shoulder always gives out after almost four or six rounds!  And today, I almost pulled something in my hip!  Ugh, for a license here the minimum pull-back weight is 35 lbs.  That is what my bow is.  :( Today was so awful!  I blew and lost one of the five arrows I was shooting!  Then, right after that one left me, the next arrow flew straight over the twenty-five yard target and dug itself into the ground by the trees!  I found it though :).  Thank goodness.  When we got home, we made dinner.  For dinner, I had a Boca Bruschetta Burger with 1/3 cup of Craisins and 1/4 cup of Raisins.  Yeah, this might sound like the flavors don't go, but actually, they did.  Anyway, this week is the feis - Nationals :).  Practice Monday-Thursday.  Wish me luck!

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