Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bagels Deserve a Good Partner

So, on Sunday, I made a smoothie for breakfast that had both strawberries and many frozen blueberries.  The book said it served two, so I split everything in half and it still made too much!  But I suppose the  "too much" was just what I was supposed to have.  I did it/drink it all :).  Then later in the afternoon, after my dad and I shopped at Stop & Shop, I made a bagel spread.  The next day, Monday, I ate a Whole Wheat Bagel with this spread, and it was amazing!  Absolutely delicious!  The recipe makes two cups, and it is good for two weeks if refrigerated.  Anyway, here are the recipes:

Soy Berry Good Smoothie

Nutty Tofu Bagel Spread

I got these from The Big Cookbook of Vegetarian 

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