Thursday, December 22, 2011

"I Do My Own Stunts," Especially Around Christmas

 - it will be on my vehicle (;-) one day

An early dinner to be exact.  For the pictures above.  So, I wasn't that hungry, but it was pretty good and I had a flood full of ideas that could be added to this big, messy, overloaded, wrap.
Spinach Tortilla Bean Wrap:
1 Spinach Wrap
1/2 Cooked Rice
1 c Black Beans, slightly drained - don't keep all liquid, but just enough for a sauce
Fresh Cilantro, roughly torn
2 Long, Large-ish Carrots, broken
Lettuce (Optional)
Cut Tomatoes (Optional)

Lay out the tortilla.
In a separate bowl, mix rice with the amount of spices you want and cilantro as well and the carrots - if using lettuce, chop and mix, same with tomatoes. Then, put on tortilla and add beans with sauce.  Voila.  It really is a good, filling wrap.  Sadly, I overcooked the rice a little and I didn't think to add the bean liquid as a sauce - it was really nice when I had the final bite that did have it on.  It did change it completely.  

The only thing with my wrap, is that I couldn't wrap it together!  Too big! So, it was very complicated to eat.  Filling too.  I had a whole can of beans... Arghhh :) Lots of Protein and other stuffs... 

The wrap was also very hot.  It was, because I put the spices on the rice and mixed some with the beans.  I had a tall glass of Almond Milk, Crasins, some So Delicious Mint Chocolate Milk, and gum - still chewing... It hurt :( 
The carrots helped though too.

So why the "Stunts" sticker?
I really like it :)
I want it.  Badly :-)
Oh!  Also, the purple unicorn you see, which is also pink, is another gift from my friend Brandy!  Its name is Magical Unicorn.  Isn't that creative?  I got it right from the tag!  But maybe I'll name it Cake Dough :) That's what unicorns remind me of... Don't ask.  Brandy's boyfriend reminds me of waffles.

Today is officially the last day of school this year!  No school tomorrow!  :D  Exciting.
See ya tomorrow!

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