Monday, December 12, 2011

Another "Herbivore" Recipe of Goodness

Mojito Smoothie!  Page 13
Five stars :)

Next announcement, one of these days, since I have all the ingredients, I am going to make the Granola Bars and the Lemon Basil Pasta.  Yummmm - hopefully :)  
So yesterday was my Profession of Faith, and after, I feel different.  I don't know what or why, I just do.
First of all, when I was up there, I said "I will, God willing me."  But I was supposed to say, "I will, God helping me."  
My friend, lets call him Blain, has an extremely deep voice so I heard him clearly as he said the correct words the first time as I said the wrong thing... How sad ;( 
 These are soooooo good!  

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