Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Can Very Well Argue...

Now, and I have said this before, but I wanted to keep reading up about this argument about horses and vegans.   Is it the Vegan thing to do?  That blog didn't say so.  That post they wrote kept saying how it wasn't right even if the horse asked you to ride it.  How getting pleasure from it was okay, but still not right.  The example, "while horses enjoy running, it's not at all clear that they enjoy hauling a sack of human fat around on their backs while they do so." And, "they're also perfectly capable of running themselves and don't require human involvement to do so."
Furthermore, what they don't say, is that the horse might actually enjoy this activity of riding.  They might enjoy the other presence.
How could you miss the horse's pleasure?
When I ride Phantom on Sunday's, I am the first person to do so during that afternoon or day, so Phantom is all warmed up for the next rider.
Horses can feel how you feel and feel your body moving and twisting on their backs.  This is why if you look in one direction, and your hands don't exactly steer the horse's head in the same way, the horse will naturally feel the way you are looking and go that way.  Horses feel your emotions.  They can feel your nervousness, your confidence, happiness, and sadness, and all those feelings you think you aren't letting others see past your facial expression.  He can feel it though.

For example, these past few lessons I had with Phantom, I have been getting so giddy/happy/excited and confident during the trots, that when I finally need to let him cool off at the end, he has a hard time stopping because he wants to keep going!
You can ever truly speak for an animal, no vegan or "whisperer" can.  What we say are just observations maybe, thoughts, or even hopes that they might feel this way.
What if an animal was suicidal?  If humans are, why can't animals?
Animals can be depressed.  Humans and animals can be happy and share all the same feelings, right?
Suicidal Animal Study

Now, as you must have observed, I said that Phantom really enjoyed trotting.  So animals don't really have that clear of facial expressions, but their body language shows it, their eyes show it.
I could feel it in Phantom.  You could see it in his gait, muscles, and his eyes - big brownish-black, liquid-warm eyes.  How could you deny the happiness?
If he nudges you, answers your questions with nods and leaning into a kiss on the forehead, how could you not see his happiness?
You can tell a horse is: --- article about horse expressions

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