Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Sorry I haven't posted in a week, but it has been the holidays!  Went to MA for family and First Night.
Anyway, I made two new recipes and I am going to try and do maybe two at least tomorrow.  Sadly, I didn't get to do that salad for Christmas :( but what I did make was very good.
Please excuse the poorly taken pictures...
                       First, I made Peanut Butter Dog Treats for my dog :) He loves them!  I want to take a picture                       of him with one of the people shaped ones in his mouth :)) - the next picture is also them.
                      Now, I didn't have enough parsley, so I only got to use, I think, half a tsp.
                                             Someone here, tried to open someone else's, gifts!

                        I tried to make these Raw Gingerbread Men, but I think they didn't work out because there weren't enough dates :(
                                But when I came home today from MA, I put some uncooked rolled oats, one mashed banana, and maybe 1/4 c of this stuff in and ate it!  It was really great!
                                             Dunkin' Donuts business truck - looked funny
                                   We went to the Taj to sit down... after a "grueling" walk through the "cold"
                           Later, we went to Mcgreevy's, an Irish Pub across the street from the Hynes Center
                                                My what-really-was-pretty First Night button
One of the few things, or really, only things, we did, was go see the O'Shea Irish Dance Co. dance with a hip-hop or mixed types of dances, from a dance school in Roxbury, MA; they also danced with the Boston Tap Company.
They weren't my favorite.  I could see the difference between their school and my own.  It just felt different.
I won't go on explaining, but two of the three of their Open Champions (a few seniors in my own school are trying to get into the World Championships, by the way) were really good.
One thing about the Mcreevy's place, was that it was one of the first times I didn't see anything on the very limited menu that evening I couldn't order.
Thankfully, being me, I like to plan my meals in advance.  So, that afternoon I had looked up their menu to see what my family could eat: There had been a BLACK BEAN burger :D
That was what I had for dinner.  And it was good.
This past week I have had so many nuts, that it was just crazy!  At the Taj, I ate two out of three appetizer holders that are complimentary to eat, which contain all different nut blends, almost all by myself!
Every time in the past we have gone to the Taj, I have never liked Wasabi nuts, but guess what???
I have a new found love for them.
See what changing your diet can do?
A day or so before First Night, my parents and I took my grandma to Easy Bay Grille.
There, (we had gone also the day before when my parents and I got there to get lunch...) I ordered a salad for dinner.
My salad was there Simple Green Salad and I asked for the vinaigrette on it.
I got a "creamy" vinaigrette instead.
As soon as it appeared in front of me, I thought it was bleu cheese.
I took a few bites, maybe ate one third of the salad, before I really started to see the cheese chunks.
Now, don't think this was really obvious, because the waiter and my parents all said it was the vinaigrette.
Although, my parents became more convinced the more I said I didn't think, or knew, that it wasn't the right dressing.
We sent it back.  Got the right dressing later.
Overall, I forgot to say a belated Merry Christmas!

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