Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Happy Herbivore" Another Review

Lemon Basil Pasta p. 203

Notes:  I would suggest using half a lemon for two servings, and one lemon for double.  Also, 1 tbs. Capers for two servings, and 2 tbs. for double.  But, I might not even put 1 tbs. because of how acidic the whole meal was! I mean, it was great, and better the next day heated up because the liquid in the microwave was able to evaporate a little, but it really was a little too liquidy and acidic.  How sad, but I will want to make the meal again because of how simple it really was!

Now, I can't post a picture now because I really need to get in the shower and read, but I want to make either the granola bars, Pumpkin pasta, or ...there was another real simple one, but I might need to save it for tomorrow.

Went riding again today.
Two weeks - 14 days - has really been too long.
It felt like an eternity since I had ridden last; sigh.
Well, when I got onto Phantom, and started warming him up, I talked to my little buddy telling him how cold it was, asking if he'd be my Christmas present as I had been hoping for a lesson that can't happen on Christmas Eve - my instructor's b-day is on Christmas; my cousin's on Christmas Eve, and I told him that how much weight he had on his back that added to his ton or so, and asked we'd have a good, fun day today and if he could sing.
I was such a spaz today!  It was unbelievable!
I posted too high.
I felt I was like... I don't know... trying to fly!
My posts were way too high today even though, after a while it got better thankfully.
But it doesn't end there!
When I got on the lunge line, after I thought I could do the ring alone but my spazziness was too much, my instructor told me to take my feet out of the stirrups and I would do a sitting, no-stirrup trot.
I shrieked.
I felt I was going to fall at the same point each time out of the three times I tried to make it around the circle without falling.
I kept falling to the left of the saddle :(
Then, when I tried to get my feet back in the stirrup, my left foot found it right away, but it took five circles for my right foot to FINALLY get back in.

Phantom and me are good buddies. Love him :)
When the lesson was over, and as my parents talked to my instructor about the next lesson, I asked Phantom if he'd want me to bring him a treat next time I came.
What did he say?
He nodded multiple times and nudged his head against me.
My little beast is awesome!

We were both spazzes today.  With me flying everywhere and him tripping, we were a pair.

But, boy, is that beastie dirty!  Getting my fingertips all brownish-gray as I hugged him!  ....

Anyway, I will try again tomorrow for a recipe.  Laziness and business. Sheez.

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