Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here's the Deal:

What am I going to eat for Christmas?
Am I going to have to starve?

- I just had to share that with you all even though it has nothing to do with this post. 

Anyway, I am planning on the following:
Dessert First :-)


As for an actual dinner, I had the idea that I could make the Pumpkin Sage Pasta from Happy Herbivore because it looked fantastic and it has pumpkin!  That is like a signature ingredient to these fall/water recipes right?? 
Well, anyway, I might make it tomorrow after my horse lesson even though I wanted to make the granola bars but my mum had to throw the unsweetened applesauce yesterday and I sadly forgot to get it today when my dad and I went food shopping! GRRRRRRR 
Sigh. And guess what!
Whole Foods, once again, has failed to have peppermint extract that I am dying to have :( 
I hope they give it to me for Christmas!  And if they don't, that means Santa never got my letter! 
                                           I'm hurt Santa.  Real hurt.

So what book are you reading now?
Actually, I think I am reading a book that is super, uber, goober, good!  It is called Into the Wild by Jon Krakauker who tells the depressing, most informative, story of the young man named Chris McCandless. Or also known by, Alex Supertramp.  
I am determined to finish it this weekend; it's just so good!
I was reading The Scarlet Letter before by Nathaniel Hawthorne (remember, or didn't I tell you? I stayed at his hotel in Salem, MA!) and it took me at least three months to read the 213 (?) paged book and two weeks to get to page 100.  Sadly, the S.L. didn't become interesting until the last three chapters :( BUT, in Into the Wild, I am already on page 76 and I started it only three days ago!  That has to say something.  I can usually read faster, but I've been too lazy even though I love it like crazy.  
I told my dad that we need to watch the movie when I am done, but he was like, "No, I don't think so..." 
"Why not?" I whimpered.
"That movie was just too sad and depressing.  I got it before I read the book."
"Well, why did you buy the movie?"  
"I didn't know it was going to be that sad." He mumbled.

-_- Must I watch it alone?  Maybe I'll have a friend over or something... :) Eh, I'll suck it up :-)

I am really sorry I haven't put up the picture or review yet of the Lemon Basil Pasta yet.  Tomorrow!  I will or I will... I don't know.... But I will :)

So what's your favorite kind of apple?
That's a hard question.
I had a Pink Lady Apple for the first time today!  It was so exciting!  I loved it!
But I can never forget my first experience with a Fiji apple that I got at Mount Washington Hotel at the counter... That was amazing too.  
They should come out with a Pink Lady-Fiji Hybrid Apple... That'd be nice :) and good for the best of both worlds... - no, not Hannah Montana... must I cry again?

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